Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Standards


Yoga Alliance has set the following Continuing Education Standards to insure that all Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers continue to refine their teaching skills and educational process.


The Yoga Alliance CE standards call for 75 total hours of yoga training and yoga teaching experience combined every three years. To continue to be a part of the registry, according to Yoga Alliance, a RYT 200 or 500 will need to complete the following two items in each three year period:

1. Teach a minimum of 45 classroom hours of yoga.

2. Accumulate 30 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). Of these, 20 CEUs can be non-Contact CEs (online studies, books), and at least 10 must be contactCEUs.

Non-Contact CEUs: One non-contact Yoga Alliance CEU equals five hours (300 minutes) of non-contact study. Non-contact CEUs may be accrued by any of the following activities:

• Reading a book or article that supports the deepening of your yoga practice and understanding.

• Working with a yoga video that supports the deepening of your yoga practice and understanding.

• Taking an on-line course related to yoga.

• Taking a correspondence course related to yoga.

• Being mentored by telephone through a yoga-related program.

• Publishing yoga books or articles in newsletters, newspapers, magazines.

• Developing yoga class materials for distribution to students or

• Producing yoga videos.

Administrative Details

Any RYT registered yoga teacher will have three years from his/her initial registration date to complete the first three year CEU cycle.  At the end of each three year CEU cycle, along with any updated registry information and annual renewal fee, the RYT will report the CEUs completed for the period.

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