FREE Report - Yoga Injuries: The Story the Numbers Tell

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yoga injuries - facts and fictionAny discussion about yoga injuries is difficult to have without reference to how many people actually get injured each year practicing yoga. In this free report put together by YogaUOnline, we take a closer look at what we know about the actual incidence of yoga injuries as well as the most common types.

Injuries are an undeniable reality, in yoga as well as in other physical activities. The question is: How common are yoga injuries? How does yoga compare to other types of physical activity like weight training or golf?

Looking at just the number of injuries without reference to the number of yoga practitioners easily creates an inaccurate picture. The number of yoga injuries undoubtedly has increased, but so has the number of yoga practitioners! When the number of people practicing yoga increases, inevitably, so will the number of injuries. But that doesn’t in itself really tell us that much about how serious an issue yoga injuries are. 

This free report takes a closer look at the statistics, and the story the numbers tell.