How Your Posture Impacts Your Long-term Health

Our posture impacts our long-term health and vitality in numerous ways. This brief video summarizes some of the important new findings in research on posture, health, and aging.


Yoga for Improving Posture

Yoga for bad posture and Hyperkyphosis

  • You may feel that sometimes, no matter how much you try to stretch your neck there is no relief. One of the ways in which this may manifest is if you lay down on the floor without...
  • loss of height as we age
    By the time most people reach middle age, they will have lost about .5 to 1 inch in of height, in some cases, even more. By the time a person reaches their 70’s, they may lose as much...
  • yoga for improving posture
    If you're looking to improve posture, why not make it a fun, pleasant, enjoyable experience? Consider trying corrective posture exercises based on yoga poses and techniques. Studies...

Featured Yoga Downloads

Yoga for Reversing Bad Posture

This 3-part strengthening and heart-opening gentle yoga routine helps develop a beautiful, youthful posture.

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Yoga for Scoliosis

  • Yoga for scoliosis
    By Narelle Carter-Quinlan -  I see this word a lot: exercises. I hear it echoed in new students who step in to explore yoga and their scoliosis, with me. “I did my exercises,”...
  • Yoga for scoliosis
    As anyone suffering from scoliosis can tell you, the condition is more than just curvature of the spine: it is headaches, back pain, shortness of breath. It is digestive trouble,...
  • Yoga for scoliosis
    For most Americans, sitting up straight all day would be a challenge. However, for an estimated 7 million people in the United States, sitting up “straight” may not even be an option....