Expand Your Reach as a Yoga Teacher – How to Offer Courses to Undertapped Niches With Lynn Crimando


One of the richest opportunities for yoga teachers today is the vast number of potential students who, for one reason or another, are not able to ‘just’ go into a yoga studio and start practicing yoga. These people represent a vast untapped market, and if you learn how to reach out to these students, you can create a solid following of students irrespective of whether you teach in a yoga studio or host your own classes.

In this 3-part course, yoga therapist Lynn Crimando will teach you how to put together and execute a plan to get you in touch with a broader range of people who would be interested in your teaching, and establish yourself as an authority and a go-to resource in your market. Lynn Crimando is a Yoga Therapist/Teacher and Integrative Health Coach with 15 years of experience in the field of wellness.

Session 1: Beyond the Studio – Exploring the Vast Universe of Alternate Teaching Options for Yoga Teachers

Session 2: Turning Your Strengths into New Opportunities – Defining Your Niche and Scope of Presentation

Session 3: How to Get the Word Out – Building Lasting Partnerships

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Lynn Crimando serves as the teaching mentor for YogaUOnline’s Wellness Educator Program. She is a yoga teacher, board-certified Health and Wellness Coach, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, and Certified Personal Trainer.

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My students will appreciate all the gems I've picked up from your teachers.Thank you so much!
Beth O.
You are doing a great service! I live in Mexico and your on-line events have been a terrific way for me to stay in touch with yoga colleagues and continue learning from teachers of the highest caliber.
Arielle N.
I wanted to expand on my thank you. Yoga U Online has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I moved from a yoga mecca to a yoga desert. Instead of having my choice of teachers and styles and special workshops, I now have to travel an hour to take a class. The excellent teachers and interesting topics at Yoga U Online have kept me moving ahead in my practice. I am grateful for all the wonderful yoga you bring to me. Thank you.