Check Out our Huff Post Blog: Yoga, Rolfing and the Elusive Cinderella Tissues

Everything you ever learned about anatomy may be wrong. We are not muscles and bones linked together by ligaments and tendons. Rather, muscles and bones are components of a large, integrated fascial network, which up till recently has been largely ignored. 

This is a topic that Eva Norlyk Smith of Yoga U Online explores in a recent article that appeared in the Huffington Post.

So what exactly is fascia? Fascia is the most plentiful tissue in the body -- and it has been the most ignored. It is the gooey, gliding stuff that holds you together. Fascia is a broad term for the extracellular matrix of fibers, "glue" and water surrounding all your cells, and wrapping like plastic wrap around muscle fibers and muscles, organs, bones, blood vessels and nerves -- and finally as a second skin around your entire body.

"Fascia is like the Cinderella tissues of the body," says Tom Myers, a leading thinker in integrative anatomy and author of Anatomy Trains. "It has been the most ignored of all the tissues in the body -- at least up until recently. Yet, fascia is critical to understanding the body and what it takes to keep your body functional and healthy all life long."

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