Yoga for Osteoporosis – Join Dr. Loren Fishman’s Study!

If you are concerned about osteoporosis, but hesitate to take medications, you are not alone. The reported side effects of the bisphosphonates, the most common osteoporosis medications, include: Atrial fibrillation, increased fractures, slowed healing, and many more.

Yoga is a superb and safe way to stimulate bone growth in the areas often sustaining the greatest stress in falls.  Exercise stimulates bone to be formed where it is most needed. The areas sustaining the greatest mechanical stress produce the most bone, according to the processes first formulated as Wollf’s law, and subsequently proven at many levels of biochemical investigation.

Dr. Loren Fishman is currently investigating the results of a regular yoga practice in people with osteoporosis. Almost 40 people have sent pre-yoga and post-yoga DEXA scans back after two years of yoga.  So far, more than 80% have improved in at least two of the three measures (spine, hip and femur).

And while osteoporosis medications have side effects, yoga has side benefits, including better balance, improved strength, finer motor coordination, larger range-of-motion, lower anxiety and improved overall well-being.

If you are interested in participating in the study, get in touch with Dr. Loren Fishman and his team. Write to Amita Bhagat:

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