Who Owns Yoga? Yoga U Contributor Loren Fishman, M.D.

The debate over who owns yoga continues to rage on. It all started with a group of Hindus arguing that yoga comes from Hinduism and it should be taught in the context of the Hindu tradition. Luminaries like Deepak Chopra and Sally

LifeForce Yoga for Body, for Mind, for your Spirit

Any regular yoga practitioner knows that yoga has an amazing mood-lifting effect. No one is more expert at that than Yoga Spirit online presenter Amy Weintraub, the founder of LifeForce Yoga. Struggling with depression herself, Amy found yoga more helpful

Giving Thanks - The Art of Gratitude

This post on the Art of Gratitude is an important reminder that practicing gratitude really is a spiritual discipline. Encouraging happy, loving, thoughts raises our vibrations and helps us project light and love into the world. And of course, what

Kundalini Yoga: Spine Rejuvenation Sequence

The following easy Kundalini Yoga sequence by Shakta Khalsa brings flexibility to your spine and rejuvenates your brain. When practicing Kundalini Yoga, apply your meditative mind to each moment. It is essential to create an internal awareness during yoga, not

Integrative Restoration—Yoga Nidra and Veterans with PTSD

Add this to yoga’s broad list of applications: healing veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Integrative Restoration (iRest)—a specialized type of yoga based on the ancient science of Yoga Nidra—is being successfully used to treat soldiers at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

Downward Dog Down Under - Yoga One of the Most Popular Forms of Physical Activity for Aussies

"If you know the difference between an upward and a downward dog and understand that a happy baby and a dead bug are the same thing, chances are you're one of the estimated 300,000 Australians who regularly stretch their bodies

John Friend: The Radical Quantum Shift of Yoga

YTW-Writer Eva Norlyk Smith recently sat down for an interview with Anusara® yoga founder John Friend. This is the second installment of the interview.  YTW: We hear a lot of reports like that about the transformative powers of yoga, enough so

Groundbreaking Study on Alzheimer's Disease and B Vitamins

Can supplemental B vitamins decrease brain shrinkage and preserve mental function for men and women at risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia? Yes, according to a two-year study by researchers at Oxford University. But, despite these findings, scientists aren’t advocating

Amy Weintraub: A Sankalpa for Happiness

Some time back, a friend asked me to look at her list of characteristics for the perfect soul mate she was “attracting” into her life.  It made me wonder—even if making the list would help manifest the partner my friend

Best Lifestyle Factors to Manage Insulin-Insensitive Diabetes

According to experts, over 90% of diabetics suffer from “insulin insensitivity,” meaning, they already have the insulin their bodies need, they just don’t have the ability to use it properly. As a result, their blood sugar levels remain sky high

Gate Pose (Parighasana)

Gate Pose (or “Parighasana”) gives us the chance to invite breath into the often-neglected side areas of our body, elongating the intercostals muscles connecting our ribs. By opening up our side body through Gate Pose, we experience a number of

New Research: High Fructose Syrup May Increase Cancer Risk

Every sweet-tooth has their favorite fix when it comes to sugar, but it turns out we aren’t the only ones who favor one kind of sweetener over another: recent research reveals that cancer cells thrive most off of fructose. Scientists

Building Core Strength with Dandasana - Staff Pose

Dandasana, or Staff Pose, is a great core strengthening seated yoga pose, which for the most part doesn't get the billing it deserves. In this article, you'll learn about: Benefits of Dandasana How to Practice Dandasana Common Alignment Issues Teaching

Yoga for Stress Study: You’re Never Too Old to Exercise

“We do not stop exercising because we grow old; we grow old because we stop exercising.” The words of fitness-guru Dr. Kenneth Cooper serve as a much-needed reminder for those of us who have begun using our years as an

The Stress-Disease Connection: How Yoga Therapy May Help

Receiving a disease diagnosis places a tremendous psychological and emotional weight on one’s shoulders. And, if stress of a serious illness alone wasn’t enough, surgeries, medications, all the vast and often confusing treatment options, and trying to maintain a normal