Bad Mood, Down in the Dumps, Depressed? Lack of Sleep Could Be a Cause

Do you feel moody, down in the dumps, easily overwhelmed and overburdened? The natural solution to combat your blues could be as simple as getting more sleep. The Risks of Lack of Sleep to Our Mental and Emotional Health Our mood

"Yoga of Awareness" for Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

A study published in the Journal of Pain & Symptom Management found that Jim and Kimberly Carson’s Yoga of Awareness program helped women with metastatic breast cancer manage pain and other symptoms. The 8-week study consisted of thirteen female patients

For Strong Bones, Exercise More Important Than Calcium Supplements

A recent study from researchers at the University of Melbourne found that, when it comes to increasing bone density, ingesting calcium and Vitamin D isn’t enough: exercise may be the deciding factor in protecting your bones from osteoporosis and fracture.

Martin Kirk, Anusara Yoga, and How I Found My Tibia

Yesterday just before dinner, I came home from a weekend away on an Anusara Yoga Immersion workshop. I scooped up my four and a half year old daughter, kissed her, listened to her adorable recounting of the day. I cuddled

Yoga Helps Kids With Special Needs Find A Calm Place Within

Students at the Diener School in Potomac, Maryland, are finding their inner yogis—weekly yoga classes are part of the curriculum for all students at this special-needs, K-5 private school. Every student at the Diener School has unique language-based learning disabilities,

Yoga, The 5 Koshas, and Your Bliss Body

There are few books that stay with you for years or even decades, but those that do often contain snippets of wisdom so memorable that they continue to guide you throughout your life. For me, one such book for was

Yoga Offers More than Therapy for Back Pain

Yoga teaches us that the body is as young as the spine is supple. A simple statement, which nonetheless holds a key to understanding not just how to prevent debilitating back problems, but how to stay healthy and vital throughout

Best Beginning Yoga Postures for Diabetes

For those with diabetes or pre-diabetes, adopting a regular yoga routine in addition to other healthy lifestyle habits can provide relief from diabetic symptoms and even help overcome the condition. The best beginning yoga for diabetes will include postures and

Shortcuts to Inner Peace - A System for Stress Management

Sylvia, my client of several months, sat across from me, clearly agitated. This forty-something woman, mother of two teenage boys, going through a divorce but still living under the same roof with her soon-to-be-ex, crossed her denim clad legs exclaiming,

"Yoga Breaks" Teach Healthy Living Skills

Giving kids yoga breaks in schools doesn’t just enhance strength and flexibility. Yoga improves focus, enhances learning, and boosts moods. New studies show that it improves children’s quality of sleep as well. One leading advocate of giving kids “yoga breaks”

Can Teaching Yoga in Schools Lead to a Better World?

It has been said that no society can rise above the level of their teachers. The future generation is shaped in our classrooms. The impact of an effective teacher on thousands of learners extends over four decades of his or

Yoga for Vets Organization Aims to Relieve Trauma, PTSD

When Yoga For Vets founder and ex-Marine Corps captain Anu Bhagwati left the military in 2004, she didn’t know where to turn.  Suffering from multiple injuries, as well as depression and PTSD, she began a yoga teacher training course to

Lifestyle Medicine: Exercise Offers Powerful Help for Depression

Does exercise, such as yoga, swimming, or jogging really offer help for individuals fighting depression? Most people have heard or read that exercise provides positive benefits for individuals seeking to combat depression. However, you may be wondering if this is

Avoid the Holiday Feast Hang-Over – 7 Tips for Mindful Eating

What is as certain as death and taxes? The barrage of weight loss articles and dieting advice that will hit us come January to counter our bulging waist lines and assuage our feelings of guilt. This year, why not stay

New Insomnia Clinic Uses Yoga and Meditation to Relieve Insomnia

Can’t sleep? Natural remedies for insomnia such as yoga, are often successful as alternate therapies to help people get a good night’s rest. Now a Chicago hospital offers a comprehensive new program of natural remedies for insomnia, including yoga. Everyone