Dr. Loren Fishman on Using Yoga to Heal Rotator Cuff Injuries

In this interview, Yoga U Online Mg. Editor Eva Norlyk Smith, Ph.D. talks with Dr. Loren Fishman about his groundbreaking discovery of how yoga can be used to treat shoulder injuries. Dr. Fishman has used the technique to help more

Amy Weintraub on Best Yoga Techniques for Depression

The ancient yogis believed that we hold life’s traumas and losses in both our psychic (mental-emotional) body and our physical body. If this is indeed the case, the body is an important gateway for relieving mental health issues like anxiety,

Yoga Helps Reduce Irregular Heartbeat and Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

According to a new study recently presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 60th Annual Scientific Session, the practice of yoga has been found to significantly reduce the number of episodes of irregular heartbeat and improve the symptoms of anxiety

Yoga for Depression: Breath of Joy

If you need some energy and motivation to roll out your yoga mat, practice this simple, energizing practice called “Breath of Joy.” This three part breathing technique is a staple warm-up exercise in many yoga classes. Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga

Combat Depression Naturally - 6 Ways to Boost Mood

If suspect you might suffer from depression, you’re not alone. Depression is at epidemic levels in our society—in fact, Americans are 100 times more depressed than they were a century ago.  No one knows for sure what’s causing such high levels