Yoga Perspectives from the 2012 Third International Fascia Congress in Vancouver - Day 1

Yoga therapist and Heller worker Anita Boser has kindly agreed to be YogaUOline's emissary at the 2012 Third International Fascia Congress in Vancouver, B.C. Here is her first report with highlights on ground-breaking new research into fascia and the interconnectivity

Soothing the Spirit: An Interview with Robin Rothenberg

In this interview with YogaUOnline, Robin Rothenberg, founder of Essential Yoga Therapy, discusses ways in which yoga can help us become more aware of mental patterning that work against, instead of for us. Also check out Robin's webinar on Yoga

Yet Another Excuse to Hit Your Yoga Mat

The distance between the remote and the couch cushion always seems infinitely long, and battling for the closest parking spot can be a western style duel.  Many conveniences we as humans have created to ‘save time’ are also often encouraging

Living in Shades of Grey: Anusara, John Friend, and the Guru Syndrome

This blog post also appeared in Huffington Post's Yoga section. If you feel to share it, please Facebook share it via HuffPost here. It’s hard to read any yoga blog these days without coming across the lengthy, messy break-up currently

Love Is the Only Path – Quotes by Swami Kripalu, Founder of Kripalu Yoga

Swami Kripalu (1913–1981) was a renowned yoga master, who came to America in 1977 and spent the last four years of his life in residence at the original Kripalu Center. He maintained his schedule of 10 hours of yoga and