Yoga and the Breath: Antidotes for A Stressful Life

Stress is unavoidable. Although we often equate stress as negative and undesirable, the pressures that we encounter as we tackle life’s challenges and face our edge are often the impetus for growth and change. But too much stress can leave

Pranayama for Everyone: Bhramari Breath Practice

One of the dirty secrets of the yoga world is how few yoga practitioners—and how few teachers—do pranayama, yogic breathing exercises. It's better in some yoga traditions than others, but overall I've been shocked to see how few of my

Why Won’t My Neck Relax?

You may feel that sometimes, no matter how much you try to stretch your neck there is no relief. One of the ways in which this may manifest is if you lay down on the floor without a pillow and it

Embracing Death – Lessons in Grief, Gratitude and Grace

Nothing prepares you to watch your best friend die. While we may be able to embrace the idea of impermanence on the mat, off the mat we run headlong into the brick wall of loss and grief. Most days I