Upper Trapezius Love: Self-Care for That Cranky, Hard-to-Reach Spot

In our tech-ready, chair-heavy modern world, the neck and upper back are a tension dumping ground for the majority of people. However, one of the most common areas of complaint lives directly under the swagging outline of the upper trapezius.

Holiday Yoga Practice: How Santosha Can Bring the Magic Back

I’m not sure when the winter holidays began being equated with stress, but I think I know why. When I was a child, holidays were well-orchestrated events. My parents loved to surprise us with special, unexpected gifts we hadn’t asked

Words Matter: How to Use Empowering Language as a Yoga Teacher

We’ve all taken yoga classes from teachers that make us feel great. These are the kind of teachers that draw students out from the woodwork and continue to keep them coming back for more and more. But contrarily, we’ve all

Healthy Hips and Knees: A Yoga Sequence to Strengthen and Align the Lower Body

If you’ve ever experienced knee or hip pain, you know how tenuous simple activities such as walking down the stairs or squatting can feel—let alone attempting the vast range of positions and movements in a typical yoga class. Losing the

What Is the Real Yoga? Hint: There’s More to it Than Just What’s in the Yoga Sutras

A number of years ago, while I was taking a “yoga for seniors” workshop, the conversation turned philosophical. A student asked, “If yoga means ‘union’ then why does the Yoga Sutras define yoga as ‘stopping the fluctuations of the mind?’”

Yoga for Tight Hips: A Restful Cow Face Pose

Wouldn’t it be great if all of life’s problems could be solved by lying down and taking it easy? The good news is that some of them can. Take tight outer hips, for example.   This might be one of