Upper Trapezius Love: Self-Care for That Cranky, Hard-to-Reach Spot

In our tech-ready, chair-heavy modern world, the neck and upper back are a tension dumping ground for the majority of people. However, one of the most common areas of complaint lives directly under the swagging outline of the upper trapezius. Here there is a convergence of many deep shoulder-to-head and neck-to-trunk musculature traverse, namely the levator scapula, middle and posterior scalenes, and the supraspinatus.

back and neck pain, cranky spots in your upper back and neck, using massage balls to improve range of motion and pain free movement

Treating this pervasive trigger point epicenter on one’s own is compounded by the fact that to apply the most effective vertical pressure to it, one must push top-down into the shoulder. Even most thumbs (both trained and untrained), quickly tire when scrubbing along this supraspinous gutter that runs from neck’s bottom to the head of the humerus. These approaches are generally awkward for the giver. Still, even more importantly, the source of pain tends to continually escape into hiding along the many folds of various muscular fiber directions exposed here.

Here is a way to finally treat yourself without having to exhaust yourself. This Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball solution I call Block Dock allows you to get the most beneficial angle of approach while lying down in a relaxed position and using your feet to push instead of your thumbs. Enjoy powering down your shoulders and unplugging neck tension at this Yoga Tune Up® docking station!

Trapezius Trigger Point Tamer

Reprinted with permission from Chandra BodyWorks.com.

Lillee Chandra, writer, yoga teacher, Chandra Bodyworks, massage therapist, Craniosacral worker

Lillee Chandra LMT, E-RYT, is an orthopedic manual therapist, co-creator of 108 Monkeys® trauma-informed yoga teacher training, co-founder of Body Creative Immersions and a Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model Method® senior trainer.  Over 25 years of clinical and teaching experience make her a masterful weaver of polyvagal-informed massage and movement practices that relieve chronic pain and support the gradual awakening of your most curious and empowered self.  Lillee presents for Kripalu, Equinox, Pure Yoga, & YogaWorks.  She owns Chandra Bodyworks, a therapeutic bodywork practice in Connecticut.

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