FDA Approves Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs for Healthy People

For many yoga practitioners, taking advantage of new developments in the arena of health often plays a part in maintaining an optimal lifestyle. However, sorting through what's real prevention and what's so-called 'faux prevention' (i.e. prevention that someone makes money

Yoga Aids Natural Disaster Survivors, Helps with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Haiti’s devastating earthquake has not only spread physical destruction in its wake, but in taking over 100,000 lives, left a nation of survivors stricken with grief as well. Emerging from a natural disaster in one piece, while a blessing, can

Yoga for Breast Cancer Relieves Anxiety, Stress, and Treatment Side Effects

Anyone who has ever battled breast cancer or seen a loved one endure the illness can testify to its many hardships. Cancer doesn’t just attack physically; it brings a whole slew of emotional, mental, and psychological baggage as well. As

Writer Finds Relief for Scoliosis with Yoga

While back pain reigns as a worldwide epidemic (an estimated 80% of Americans alone will endure the condition during the course of their lifetime), those with scoliosis face a unique challenge. However, Independent Record writer Sara Groves has obtained a reprieve from

Yoga Postures for Core Strength Great Bet for Back Pain Relief

Core strength is one of the most commonly used fitness buzzwords. You can’t open a magazine or turn to an exercise channel on TV without someone talking about “the core,” “core strength,” and “core stabilization.” Core strengthening has received a

Picture Perfect Posture: Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Tadasana is also known as Mountain Pose. It is the most foundational of all yoga postures, in fact, the principles of Tadasana or Mountain Pose translates into all yoga postures. In other words, once you get Tadasana right, you have

Could You Be Suffering from B12 Deficiency?

Do you often feel tired or low energy? Do you find it hard to focus as the day wears on, and yet at night, have a hard time falling asleep? Do you find that little things bother you more than

Best Natural Sources of Vitamin B12

Many people who practice yoga regularly experiment with a vegetarian lifestyle or permanently shift to a diet based on plant-based foods. Even yoga practitioners who regularly eat meat would do well to keep an eye on one essential nutrient, which

Natural Weight Loss: How to Cut Calories Without Noticing

“Slow and steady wins the race,” goes the old adage, and when it comes to natural weightloss that advice applies to the battle against weight as well. According to a report on Mercola.com, a recent study published in the Journal

Balancing Yoga Pose Basics

The ability to balance becomes increasingly important as we get older. Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths in older adults, and the most common cause of hospital stays for trauma. Like any body skill, balancing is something that

Is Your Child Stressed? Be Alert to These Common Signs

Children can be under stress as much as the rest of us, and it can be equally detrimental for them. But because children react differently to stress, many parents don’t ever suspect that there is a problem. Yet, when little

Veterans Find Relief from Inner Wounds through Yoga

Yoga instructor and Vietnam veteran Tim Withee from Grand Junction, CO, is living proof that downward dog can bring something beyond physical healing to those who wore dog tags. Withee, now 60, struggled with the aftershocks of being in active

Which is the Best Type of Yoga for Weightloss?

Many times, when people think of yoga, they imagine slow, gentle stretches and calm, rhythmic breathing. While some forms of yoga do fit this profile (namely, restorative yoga), there are also many yogic practices out there that can not only

The Masked Return of a Dangerous Sweetener

The nation’s most commonly used artificial sweetener, Aspartame, has gotten a bad rap over the years. More than 10,000 official complaints have linked the sweetener, which is found in chewing gums, soft-drinks, table-top sweetners, breakfast cereals, and sugarless jams, to

With Yoga, News Anchor Wins Battle Against Pain and Pills

Six years ago, Anita Lopez graced the KUSA-9News anchor desk to deliver the week’s top headlines. However, when two devastating injuries left her with chronic back pain that rendered her unable to sit in a chair, Anita found herself pulled