Yoga Helps Inner City Kids Deal with Stress, Improve Grades

The Los-Angeles-based Accelerated School has introduced regular yoga classes to help their students cope with the overwhelming stress faced by inner city kids, as well as to improve fitness, grades, discipline and self-esteem. Many kids growing up in an inner

Yoga Exercises Reduce Chronic Lower Back Pain

About 80% of all American struggle with lower back at one time or another in their life. A growing number of studies indicate that therapeutic yoga may be useful to reduce lower back pain and decrease the use of pain

Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Ultimately, the best way to lower high blood pressure naturally involves creating greater balance in mind and body. Herbal remedies which lower stress and enhance the metabolic health of both are often effective natural therapies for high blood pressure, as

What Is High Blood Pressure?

If you’re looking for high blood pressure remedies, you’re not alone. Over 50 million Americans have high blood pressure, and it is the number one reason for medical office visits. Nine out of ten people will be afflicted with high

5 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

If you’re looking for ways to lower blood pressure naturally, it is useful to first understand what causes high blood pressure. 90-95% of all cases of high blood pressure are characterized as essential hypertension, which means that it’s an independent