Touching the Mind: Connecting Sensations, Feelings, Thoughts and Movement - Part 3

Karma and Grace These mysteries of memory and novelty are, I believe, more helpfully approached through the concepts of Karma and Grace. Karma refers to the idea that we are continually depositing our entire personal past upon each succeeding moment

Touching the Mind: Connecting Sensations, Feelings, Thoughts and Movement - Part 2

The phenomenon of memory is one of the deepest mysteries of biology. No one has ever found the location in which it resides or been able to fully articulate the causes and effects of its accumulations. This is because it

Touching the Mind – Connecting Sensations, Feelings, Thoughts and Movement Part 1

We have been educated to think of language as spoken and written words, even educated to believe that no creatures but humans can properly be said to acquire and to use “language.” But organisms have been communicating among themselves and

Yoga Can Help Drop Those Extra Pregnancy Pounds

Getting back into shape after having pregnancy is a real challenge for many women. Not only do you have to deal with the changes your body underwent during pregnancy, but, now that you’re busy looking after a baby, it’s hard

Yoga U Presenter Loren Fishman Featured in the New York Times

Dr. Loren Fishman, a regular contributor to YogaUOnline is gaining national attention for his work using yoga as therapy for patients with orthopedic problems. Dr. Fishman was recently profiled by New York Times’ health writer Jane Brody with a focus on his

Yoga Stretches for Healthy Hamstrings

Both beginning and more experienced yoga students often struggle with tight hamstrings. Unfortunately, in most yoga classes, poses are only held for 10 to 30 seconds. However, according to Doug Keller, author of Yoga as Therapy, to stretch the hamstrings,

Sweet Forgiveness

Through practice, self-reflection, and letting go, yoga helps us move past old hurts that threaten to derail us. Several years ago I had a falling out with my close friend Becca, someone I’d known forever. She said some really hurtful