Glute Amnesia: Yoga for Your Forgotten Rear

Are you forgetting about your backside? If you spend most of your day sitting, there’s a good chance that you are suffering from glute amnesia. The more you sit, the more you “forget” how to use your glutes! The glutes

Yoga in the Treatment of Scoliosis—A Doctor’s Perspective

A sideways curvature of the spine characterizes scoliosis, which is surprisingly common. Most people with minor scoliosis go through life and may never even know they have the condition. However, if scoliosis progresses to a significant C- or S-curve of

Yoga 2.0: Align and Refine Your Uttanasana With the Assistance of Props

In a “traditional” Standing Forward Bend Pose (Uttanasana), one of the main aspects is that the torso hinge happens more in the hip joints and less in the spine. Traditionally, this pose is practiced with an elongated spine so that

Let Your Light Shine – The Power of Prana in Health and Healing

A core concept in the yoga tradition has always been the idea of working with Prana (life force energy) to foster greater healing and well-being. While we in the Western world tend to think of yoga in terms of the physical expression

Left Brain, Right Brain: Yoga’s Balancing Breath Practices

Did you know that you don’t breathe from both nostrils equally? Truth be told, nostril dominance switches every two to 2.5 hours without our interference. Sounds strange, but scientists have studied this phenomenon, which the yogis discovered hundreds of years

Yoga for Osteoporosis - What Does the Research Say?

Are you concerned about the risks of osteoporosis? There are good reasons to be. Why thinning bones don't always cause problems, they put you at higher risk for osteoporotic fractures, which often become a significant health concern as people get

3 Myths About Knee Alignment in Yoga

You’ve probably heard lots of warnings about how to keep your knees safe in yoga: “Don’t let your knee roll in in Warrior II Pose.” “Don’t let your knees slide past your toes in Fierce Pose (Utkatasana).” “Hyperextending your knees

4 Great Pigeon Pose Variations

Which Pigeon Pose variation is for you? Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana) is one of those great yoga asanas that people either love or hate. There seems to be no middle ground. This is because, for many, it is

Dr. Ray Long: Yogic Deep Breathing - How the Diaphragm Works

Your thoracic diaphragm is the main engine for breathing, supplemented by the accessory muscles of your chest and abdomen. It is also an important postural muscle with functional connections to your pelvic floor. How does it work? Let’s look at

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) with a Yoga Strap Bowstring

Years ago, I heard Judith Hanson Lasater pose this question: “Who should practice backbends?” Her answer: “Anyone who’s growing older.” This, of course, means everyone. Most of us spend our days bent over one thing or another—desks, electronic devices, counters,

Empowered Aging: An Interview with Yoga Teacher Ellen Saltonstall

YogaUOnline: We are delighted today to be here with Ellen Saltonstall to discuss her latest book, Empowered Aging: Everyday Yoga Practices for Bone Health, Strength, and Balance. Welcome, Ellen. What inspired you to write about empowered aging? Ellen Saltonstall: Well,

4 Yoga Poses to Strengthen the 4 Muscles of the Rotator Cuff

The shoulder's rotator cuff is a group of four separate muscles that work together to create a continuous cuff or sleeve around the head of the humerus (the upper arm bone). This cuff of muscles juggles the humerus's position inside

Dr. Ray Long: Stabilizing the Shoulders in Downward Dog and Upward Hands Poses

Today’s post will look at the scapular motion on the ribcage and the role of the lower third of the trapezius in drawing the shoulders away from the neck. This motion is called scapular depression, and it is frequently used in yoga,

Yoga for Detoxification: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)

If you are looking for a yoga pose for detoxification, then Setu Bandha Sarvangasana is a great place to start. Also known as “Bridge Pose,” Setu Bandha has many benefits. It soaks the lymph glands in the neck and throat

5 Steps to Finding Ease in Sukhasana - “Easy” Pose

Asana practice is meant to support the settling of the mind. The definition of yoga, according to Alistair Shearer’s translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, is “the settling of the mind into silence.”  Some sutra scholars believe that asana was originally conceived