Supine Half Lotus Pose (Supta Ardha Padmasana): A Lotus Pose for Everybody

In 2001, I co-taught a teacher training with Donna Farhi in Vancouver, BC. The 50 attendees were experienced yoga teachers and bodyworkers from all over the world. During the training, we questioned teaching methodologies that shoehorn students into a one-size-fits-all model. One

Brahmana Yoga Practice: A Quick Pick-Me-Up for Afternoon Slump

When one thinks of a brahmana practice that is supposed to build and energize the system, it is easy to conjure images of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), challenging standing poses and fast flows. But this is not what brahmana practice is about. The brahmana

Body Intelligence: 5 Ways Our Bodies Protect Us from Pain

For the past few years, my studies in pelvic health have taken me further and further outside of the pelvis. I have learned and continue to learn how amazingly interconnected our bodies actually are. The pelvis can be influenced by the

Yoga for Stress Relief: Try Belly Breathing

This simple, relaxing yogic breathing practice can be used anytime you want to soothe body, mind, and spirit. It reduces stress of any kind—physical, emotional, or spiritual. How to Practice Yogic Belly Breathing 1. Lie on the floor, in bed, or

Know Your Yoga Asana: Demystifying Sanskrit Posture Names

So far, in Part 1 we learned about how English and Sanskrit are related, so some of those mysterious words you’ve been hearing will actually be easy to remember if you connect them with the corresponding English words (for example, “sputa” for

Anjali Mudra - Simple Greeting or Divine Salute?

Few positions are more ubiquitous in yoga practice than Anjali Mudra (Prayer Position). We often practice Anjali Mudra to begin and end a class. We begin and end Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) in Anjali Mudra. On silent meditation retreats, since

The Accessible Yoga Revolution: Yoga for Everybody

What type of person practices yoga? If you go by the images plastered across magazine covers, television commercials, and online ads, you’d assume that all yogis are young, attractive, limber, lithe, and positively radiant with good health. These images of

A Tasty Weeknight Supper: Fully Loaded Sweet Potatoes

A sweet and savory combination that is simple, satisfying, and easy to make! Simply prepare the sweet potatoes and then load them up with all the nutrient-dense (and flavorful!) toppings for a delicious meal any day of the week. Use