Yoga and Your Reticular Activating System

In my most recent post on Empress Pose, I mentioned that when we bring the chin toward the chest, we deactivate the reticular activating system (RAS). Many of you were probably wondering what the reticular activating system is, so I thought

Fermented Foods Boost Immunity, Study Says

Foods that have undergone the fermentation process offer health benefits, but we haven’t understood the exact mechanism of how that happens. Now, a piece of that puzzle has been discovered through new research that explores the way fermented foods positively

4 Yoga Practices to Support Mental Wellbeing

Yoga for wellness is a powerful tool to support your mental health and overall wellbeing. Yoga has time and time again, been proven to support both our physical and emotional health in many different ways. This is because yoga offers

Wise Discrimination: Yoga's Crown Jewel

In 1988, I attended my first silent Insight Meditation retreat. I noticed one thing right off—how incredibly out-of-control my mind is. But as my mind began to quiet a little, I started to notice something more subversive: that my mind

Practice Yoga for Your Feet

Have you ever thought of practicing yoga for your feet? It is easy to overlook our feet, way down there at the bottom of our legs, especially if we have our eyes constantly on what’s ahead! And if they are

10 Yoga Hacks for Cold Weather

Do you live where it’s likely there are still many colder days ahead of you before spring has finally sprung? If so, then you know that it can be particularly hard to stay motivated and energized during the last few

4 Steps to Achieving Long-Term Goals in Yoga: How Yoga Teachers Can Help

Once a student (with the teacher’s help) gains clarity on what they wish to accomplish in functional, measurable, observable, and action-oriented terms, it’s recorded as a long-term goal in yoga, also referred to as an outcome. There can be one or several

4 Ways to Maximize Vestibular Input in Yoga

In my mid-’70s, my balance is above average. I barely waver in Tree Pose (Vrksasana). I have years of yoga to thank for that. Few activities fortify the balance system more than hitting the mat. Think of all the yoga

The Fire Element: Enlighten Up!

Fire is the element that governs transformation. It affects metabolism and the flow of energy supporting our ability to rest, work or play. It also sparks changes in how we think about and express our authenticity. We embody these ideas

Marlysa Sullivan: A Steady and Comfortable Downward Facing Dog Pose

“Shtiram Sukham Asanam.” (Yoga Sutra 2.46) In the Yoga Sutras, the sage Patanjali describes asana as a “steady and comfortable posture.” How can his guidance inform every pose we practice? What amount of stability, or Sthira is needed? What is the right

5 Ways Yoga Enhances Heart Health

February is all about pink and red hearts, roses, chocolate, and cupids. It’s also the month the American Heart Association (AHA) dedicates to heart health education. While you’ve probably heard that eating a low-fat diet and exercising help prevent heart

How Sports Injuries Can Damage Fascia

This article on how sports injuries affect fascia is part 3 in a series discussing thickened fascia. Read parts 1 and 2 for more detailed information. In an Italian study involving the Steccos, this one from the February 2021 issue