Chronic Pain Management with Physiyoga

The human experience of chronic pain and illness is non-binary. There is no clean drawing of lines. It doesn’t fit into a neat box of research and evidence. Nor does it fit into a fixed protocol or set of guidelines.

Exercise Lowers Fracture Risk as We Age

It is not uncommon for older people who are mainly sedentary to be somewhat apprehensive about starting an exercise routine. Their worries may include not having the strength or stamina to be able to complete a workout or injuring themselves

How to Teach Yoga Online: 5 Practical Tips

When it comes to teaching yoga online, everyone will have different feelings. Some yoga teachers absolutely love to teach yoga online, whereas others absolutely hate it. Whether you love it or hate it, teaching yoga online is certainly here to

3 Short Summer Yoga Routines

How’s your yoga practice going this summer? Do you have an opportunity to luxuriate in your practice, or does it fall by the wayside of other activities? If it’s the latter, it might be useful to remind yourself what it

The Do’s and Don’ts of Yoga for Osteoporosis

As we age, it’s normal to lose some bone mass. But losing an excessive amount of bone mass is not. When that happens, the culprit is osteoporosis. What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones and makes them

Baby Dancer Mini Practice

Natarajasana (King Dancer Pose) is derived from a pose in the classical Indian dance form Bharatnatyam. Perhaps this is why I find it to be one of the most elegant and beautiful forms in modern posture practice. Nataraj means king or lord

Nourish Your Nervous System

Settling into stillness allows you to access the inner wisdom that can be found within the depths of your psyche. As if diving deep below the surface of the ocean, you find the slowest moving currents of your soul’s wisdom.

Yoga for Seniors

We know that movement is essential for optimal health—and this may even be more true as we age. A healthy body is one that is active both physically and mentally, and as we grow older, we often need to nourish

Movement and Action

In everyday life, there’s not much call to distinguish between movement and action. Sure, a man of action sounds impressive, and a man of movement, not so much. But trust me, you can live a full and happy life without

Doug Keller: Yoga to Release the Psoas

Fascia research pioneer Ida Rolf famously referred to the psoas as “the seat of the soul”. Because the psoas is buried deep beneath the core of the body, it may not always be the most obvious muscle to target in

Reduce NSAIDs: Strategies for Osteoarthritis

Research: NSAIDs Linked to Cardiovascular Disease If you suffer from osteoarthritis, some days may require a little extra pain relief just to get through your usual tasks. But there are certain pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications you want to avoid if

There Are More Than Five Yamas

Although many of us have been told that the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the single authoritative text on yoga, this isn’t really true. As yoga evolved over thousands of years, there were many different schools of yoga besides the school

Unlock Your Body: Release Chronic Tightness

Many people ask me how long it will take them to release chronic tightness or get out of pain. I wish I could answer this question, but the truth is that everyone’s patterns of muscular tension and pain are unique.

Decode Sanskrit: A Short Primer

I wrote about using Sanskrit vs. English names when you teach yoga poses in a previous post. The answer, as in so much of yoga practice is, it depends. If you’d like to explore using Sanskrit at least some of

Calm and Uplift: Supported Supine Twist

Supported Supine Twist is a wonderful way to release the entire spine while alleviating tightness in the shoulders and neck. This gentle twist relieves tension in the abdomen and stimulates the digestive system and kidneys. It also generates elasticity and