Wake Up to a Healthy Breakfast: Almond Butter and Chia Seed Jam Overnight Oats

How about this play on a classic PB & J?! All the tastes of our favorite childhood sandwich but with a superfood twist: creamy almond butter and chia seed jam mixed into a jar of overnight oats. Spend a few

Yoga Anatomy: How Your Big Toes Can Strengthen Your Practice

Have you ever noticed how your pelvis seems to drift backward in standing forward bends, especially Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)? Sometimes you get an assist from a teacher who pushes your pelvis forward from the sacrum to align your hips

Why Practice Savasana? Deep Healing for Body and Mind

A Whole Life Yoga student asks: “What’s the point of Savasana (Corpse Pose)? I have a hard time relaxing when my mind is supposed to be completely blank.” This is a great question, and I’m not surprised you feel confused. In

Yoga for Addiction: 7 Ways Yoga Can Support Your Treatment Program

NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature of the subject and the need for anonymity of those in recovery, some names and identifying locations have been changed. Diane B. is a recovery success story. Yet even after 30 years of sobriety,

Yoga to Realign Your Spine: Tackling the Dreaded Dowager’s Hump

Hyperkyphosis and its resultant bent-over posture are often associated with older women (although men get them too). Since the word dowager is a technical term for a “dignified elderly woman,” it began to be used to describe this condition. Because many

Connect With Nature: Take Your Yoga Practice Outside

There is no doubt that yoga is good for you, wherever you do it. However, practicing yoga outdoors has lots of additional benefits. Here are some thoughts on how to enjoy nature and practice yoga outdoors. Grounding Before starting your

Shoulder Biomechanics in Yoga, Part 4: The Deltoid-Rotator Cuff Connection

Foundational knowledge gives you power that you can translate into applications for your yoga practice and teaching. This blog post will explore some of the essential biomechanics of the shoulder joint, especially the “force couple” between your deltoid muscle and

Ease Into Sleep With These 5 Soothing Yoga Poses

Good quality sleep is crucial for good health. With approaching deadlines, important meetings, exams on the horizon, and the regular hustle and bustle of life, sleep can disappear from the scene. Lacking adequate rest, we feel physically sluggish and mentally fatigued.

Moving Through Loss: How Yoga Helped Me Navigate Grief

Three years ago I got a call saying my father was dying. He was half a world away in Jakarta and dying. I almost didn’t answer the phone—my father never called me from Jakarta, only messaged. But I did, I

The Hidden Face of Trauma: What Every Yoga Teacher Needs to Know

Yoga teachers are generally careful to ask new students whether they have any issues that requires special attention. Most will point out injuries or conditions, such as bulging discs, arthritic knees, or high blood pressure. But rarely will a new

Give Up the Sit-Ups! How Yoga’s Plank Pose Can Shore Up Your Core

Recently I’ve been hearing that the U.S. military is phasing out sit-ups! They’re calling them an “outdated exercise today viewed as a key cause of lower back injuries.” Whoa. Phalakasana in the U.S. Military Military fitness experts recommend practicing Phalankasana

Take a Kindness Break - A Practice to Cultivate the Qualities of the Heart

In recent years, our lives seem to have gotten harsher. Our culture has factionalized. No one wants to listen to anyone with whom they disagree. Dialog has become not just disrespectful but sometimes even violent. Social media is partly responsible

Turn Your Yoga Practice into Food for the Brain

We’ve all experienced moments of “foggy brain,” forgetting where we put our keys or spacing out an appointment now and then. For some people, these brain lapses become significant and severe enough to warrant a clinical diagnosis—mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

Yoga for Osteoporosis - Focus on Fracture Prevention

Can yoga reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures by reducing fall risk? Indeed, a growing body of research shows that yoga can improve balance. Now, a new study finds that practicing yoga can also reduce the risk of falling. Falling

Yoga for Feet and Ankles: A Yoga Practice to Balance Opposites

One of the keys to a unified theory lies in the name Hatha—sun/moon and balancing opposites. Here’s a tip on balancing them for the foot and ankle during yoga practice. Major Muscles That Move the Feet and Ankles in Yoga