Working Your Edge: Stretch Tolerance On and Off the Mat

Becoming ‘more flexible’ is one of the more common interests for people entering a yoga program.  Many studies from exercise science and yoga increasingly demonstrate the immense benefits of stretching including increased range of joint motion and tissue extensibility (aka

Diet High in Animal Protein Raises Cancer Risk, Study Shows

For yogis toying with the idea of going vegetarian or vegan, here’s one more reason to hold the burger. According to a recent study, Americans who ate a diet high in animal protein during middle age raised their risk for

Yoga for PTSD: New Research Points to Potential Benefits

Roughly 10% of American women suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Alternative approaches like yoga and meditation are now being used to alleviate PTSD symptoms, yet little is known about their effectiveness. A new study suggests that yoga may help,

Yoga Practice Tips for Keeping Your Knees Safe

Our knees are a vulnerable joint in the body and stability around the knees is crucial when practicing yoga and participating in many of our daily activities such as walking, getting in and out of a seated position and climbing

Stay Healthy This Spring—Natural Solutions for Seasonal Allergies

Many of us suffer from itchy, water eyes, runny noses, sniffles and sneezing due to seasonal allergies. Instead of resorting to chemicals with harmful side effects to ease allergy symptoms, there are some easy, natural ways to tackle the sniffles. 

Can Yoga and Meditation Change Your Brain? A Recent Review of the Evidence Says Yes

Yoga and meditation are two ancient disciplines known to promote positive physical and mental health. While we know that yoga can change your body, a recent review of the research suggests that these practices can also change your brain. Among

On the Mat and Out of Danger: Staying Safe While Practicing Yoga

The vast majority yoga students step onto the mat hoping that their practice will give them some relief from a nagging ache, a stressful day, or even a major health concern. But for the many students flocking to yoga classes,

Truths About Stretching and Flexibility in Yoga

Yoga can help to increase flexibility, stability and range of motion, particularly as we age, but sometimes the tendency to push toward greater flexibility can come at a cost. Which are the best ways to avoid injury by pushing too