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How Do You Want to Grow Old?

Sad, but true: Most people take better care of their car than of their body. So, it should come as no surprise that a whopping six out of ten Americans have chronic diseases. And four out of ten struggle with two or more of these conditions.

More than 90% of Chronic Diseases Are Preventable

The paradox of chronic disease? They can't be cured, but they can be prevented or managed through healthy lifestyle measures, including exercise, healthy nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle.

The Key to Staying Healthy Longer

We all know that exercise can help us stay healthy longer. So why aren't we doing it? The reason? Most exercise approaches are outer-directed. That is, you - or your trainer, or fitness teacher - are telling the body what to do.
Yoga in contrast is inner-directed - your body is tellling you what to do.

Learn Yogic Approaches to Fostering Transformational Wellness

What is transformational wellness anyway? We all hold the keys to work with our body and mind to improve well-being, slow aging, and set us on a path of lifelong growth. Learn the yoga skills you need to develop the inner, intuitive awareness to find your deepest purpose and create lifelong, lasting transformation.


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