Dowager’s Hump: Are You at Risk?

You’ve seen it all before: the rounded upper torso with bowed shoulders and head jutting forward. The condition, called hyperkyphosis, or dowager’s hump, affects the elderly and is a concern to geriatric medicine because it presents an increased risk of

Hatha Yoga Shown to Improve Quality of Life for Breast Cancer Survivors

Hatha yoga could be a useful therapy to improve the quality of life for breast cancer survivors, according to a pilot study conducted at the University of Pittsburg School of Medicine. Many other studies have been conducted on the use

Yoga Journal Study: 20 Million Americans Practice Yoga

Yoga Journal’s latest Yoga in America survey, conducted by Sports Marketing Surveys, shows that 8.7 percent of Americans are practicing yoga—that’s 20.4 million Americans, up from 15.8 million in 2004. Yoga is no longer considered esoteric or strange by outsiders;

Yoga at 75? No Problem, Says Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda will be turning 75 later this month, but that hasn't stopped her from coming out with a new yoga video. “Prime Time AM/PM Yoga for Beginners" is for those “who feel age creeping up on them,” and those

Morning Yoga Sequence

A great morning yoga routine to get the cobwebs cleared and start out the new day! Check out our Pinterest page for more yoga inspiration.  Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

Russell Brand to Teach Yoga, Open Yoga Studio

We all know celebrities love their yoga (who wouldn’t?), but this may be the start of a new trend: celebrities not only doing yoga, but also teaching it—and in this case, opening studios of their own. A source told the

Should We Be Striving For Fearlessness?

Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman discuss fear and fearlessness and what we should be striving for—or not striving for—in our yoga practice. According to Rodney, "Maybe it's not even that it exists at all. Maybe both of them—fear and fearlessness—is

Yoga for a Healthy Heart

You know that yoga has numerous health benefits, but have you ever wondered if it gives you the cardio workout you need for a healthy heart? Well, it turns out yoga has numerous benefits for the heart, including aerobic benefits.

Face Yoga for Younger-Looking Skin

Looking for a natural way to keep your face looking firm and vibrant? A new yoga trend is promising a youthful smile, without the potential harm and cost of procedures such as Botox or plastic surgery. Never heard of the

How Exercise and Yoga Benefit Aging Brains

Mental exercise like doing cross words or playing card games can help to keep the brain young and prevent dementia, several studies say. However, it turns out that physical exercise may do more than mental exercise to preserve your memory function

How Sitting For Long Hours Affects Your Health

Do you find it hard to get away from your computer screen? According to studies, sitting in front of screens for hours every day can create some pretty serious health complications, including blood clots and heart failure. For a great summary

How Yoga Helps You Stay Young Longer - Study Shows Stress Relief Helps Reduce Inflammation

You know yoga can make you feel like a million bucks, but most people don't realize that million-dollar feeling might actually help you stay young and healthy longer, reduce the risk of chronic disease, and even slow aging. How?  A

Yoga for Kids in the Encinitas School District

Imagine a class of first-grade students that are calm, relaxed and self-confident—enjoying quiet time and having fun. That’s what U-T San Diego columnist Matt Hall found when he visited a school in the San Diego Encinitas school district, where a

Lean Into Good: A Powerful Way to Invite in the Positive as You Awake Each Day

The Practice: Lean into good on first waking. Why? Waking up is like the sun rising. At first it's mostly dark, as glimmers of consciousness begin to light the shadows. Emerging into full wakefulness, the fogs and veils dissolve and

Donna Karan: ‘Yoga Keeps Me Spiritually Centered’

Fashion designer Donna Karan, founder and creator of Donna Karan New York and DKNY fashion labels, says her fashion empire all began with inspiration from an unlikely place—yoga. The designer’s trademark style—stretchy, comfortable, sporty clothes—was formed out of her love