Should We Be Striving For Fearlessness?

Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman discuss fear and fearlessness and what we should be striving for—or not striving for—in our yoga practice.

According to Rodney, “Maybe it’s not even that it exists at all. Maybe both of them—fear and fearlessness—is an identity that we’re holding onto. Maybe the middle ground actually has no label. And that’s a funny little place, and it is a place of queasiness. It’s a place of centering, without an orientation … Maybe life exists somewhere in between [fear and fearlesslessness].”

Colleen adds, “Moving from fear to fearlessness is not necessarily a direct path. There’s a middle point where you sit with the questions; you don’t have to have the answers. Most of us could spend our life there, if we weren’t so busy clinging to the shore, to the familiarity, to the home base.”

Colleen Saidman & Rodney Yee “Fearless” from Omega Institute on Vimeo.

Colleen Saidman & Rodney Yee on Being “Fearless” from Omega Institute on Vimeo.

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