Study: Yoga Helps Erase the Scars of Traumatic Experiences

Most people have heard that yoga can be a great tonic for stress. However, many therapists working with people suffering from the scars of traumatic experiences take that one step further, using yoga as therapy to help heal the scars

Yoga Therapy for the Second Great Depression: Princeton Grad Quits Morgan Stanley

At Morgan Stanley’s fixed-income group, Lauren Imparato wore power suits and sold currencies to hedge funds in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Now she spends her days in form-fitting Lululemon pants, teaching yoga to former Wall Street colleagues. After seven

Growing Interest in CAM and Yoga Therapy

Weak immune system? High blood pressure? Back pain? Instead of ladling on conventional medications for these and other such issues, Americans are increasingly turning to alternative solutions, including yoga therapy to address common, chronic ailments.  As an increasing body of

Natural Weight Loss without Padlocking Your Fridge

When you think of weight loss programs, you probably think of counting calories, checking carb content, and avoiding certain foods (as in, all the ones you like). However, a new study reveals that yoga may help people to enjoy natural

A Yoga Journey--Change Your Body, Transform Your Life

Our friend Aline Marie ( allowed us to share this moving story about her yoga journey. This is a wonderful story about the  power of yoga to help us grow out of feelings of anger and depression and transform the