What’s the Best Diet to Help with Chronic Pain?

Why do I urge people struggling with chronic pain to change their diets? When it comes to solving potential roots of said pain (inflammation), the lowest of the low-hanging DIY fruit is what you eat. In other words, you don’t

Yoga with a Strap: Free Your Inner Groins

Anatomically speaking, the groins are the folds that mark the meeting of the lower abdomen and the inner thigh. In Iyengar yoga, those would be the inner groins. Iyengar yoga also identifies middle groins, outer groins, and back groins, making

Slow Yoga: Slow Down and Tune-In to Your Practice

A small silver lining of this unprecedented COVID time has been the space and time to get on my mat most days of the week. Through taking virtual classes from different teachers with separate styles, I’ve noticed an interesting thing.

4 Yoga Poses for Low Back Health

While learning to practice yoga at home is challenging, especially with all the other tasks and duties vying for our attention. Still, regular practice does offer the best long-term benefits. A 2012 study of more than 1,000 yoga students demonstrated

5 Myths About Yoga We Should Stop Perpetuating

We’ve likely all heard myths in the yoga world before. There are the great myths about the god Shiva as the Adiyogi (“first yogi”) or the wonderful stories about Hanuman (the monkey god) who leaped across the ocean from India to Lanka (modern-day Sri Lanka) to

Stand Your Ground: Yoga’s Muladhara Chakra

In part 1 of my series on the chakras, The Chakras: Guides on the Path, I offered an overview of how to view the chakras as guides on the path through life. This post will cover Muladhara, the root chakra, and