Yoga Self-Care for Parents and Caregivers of Autistic Children

As any parent or teacher will tell you, nurturing children in a mindful way, and giving them the structure they need to thrive is a big job. When it comes to children on the autism spectrum, the scope and intensity

How to Minimize the Risk of Falling

About a month ago I got this text message from my yoga student: “Can’t do yoga tomorrow. Fell again. Gouged arm bad. Stitches. OK now. Doc said lay off few days.” After further exchange I found out that she had

Cauliflower Fried Rice with Kale

Holiday entertaining? Get creative ~ add your own culinary touch to everyone's favorite fried rice, this version brought to you by Kale and Chocolate's Elise Museles. This recipe is filled with all the flavors of traditional fried rice but with a nutritional twist—cauliflower

Ayurveda for Kids: How Your Child's Brain-Body Type Affects Your Parenting Choices

In this interview, Dr. Robert Keith Wallace and Dr. Fred Travis - authors of Dharma Parenting -  discuss how Ayurvedic mind-body type relates to parenting. Discovering your child's brain-body type, they explain, can help you understand your child better and

5 Chair Poses for Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is an essential tool for pregnant women who are interested in natural means for staying healthy and preparing for birth. Practicing yoga during pregnancy alleviates some common pregnancy discomforts. As Marie Mongan, author of the book HypnoBirthing, says,

Ayurvedic Tips and Tricks to Manage Meltdowns

You are out buying groceries and your toddler decides to have a full-blown tantrum right there in the middle of the store, complete with hysterical crying, pouty face, and flaying arms and legs. What is a parent to do in

The Gastrocnemius/Soleus Complex in Yoga

The gastrocnemius and soleus muscles form the triceps surae or gastrocnemius/soleus complex. The soleus muscle originates from the head and neck of the fibula bone and, via a tendinous arch, the soleal line at the back of the tibia bone.

Teaching Yoga - 30 Years of Gratitude

Friends who knew me in grade school and high school would probably never have pegged me as a person who’d end up teaching yoga. I was painfully shy. If students had been graded on participation back in my high school

Pregnancy and Yoga: A Match Made in Heaven?

The birth of a child is one of the most monumental moments in a mother’s life.  It is not only awe-inspiring to witness this miracle of creation so intimately throughout pregnancy, but equally transformative for a woman to experience her own

Yoga for Stressful Times

The entire globe is reacting to the unexpected results of the United States election last week. Some are celebrating, elated and triumphant; others are mourning, devastated and scared. Regardless of where you align yourself on the political spectrum and your

What Is Your Child's Brain/Body Type?

Do you ever wish you just had a manual to help you understand your child? As a mother, sometimes I wonder how my child could possibly be from the same genetic pool as myself. At times my daughter is just

Dr. Baxter Bell: Yoga for Heart Health - How to Tune up Your Circulatory System

How does yoga affect heart health? One important avenue is the way yoga practices help to maintain or improve circulation in the cardio-vascular system. This is the system that includes the heart muscle, the arteries, capillaries and veins and circulates blood,

Online Yoga Teacher Ed: Dr. Ray Long on Stabilizing the Shoulder in Downward Facing Dog

Shoulder pain is one of the problems that comes up in yoga, especially with folks who are doing Vinyasa based practice. The underlying cause of the pain can be multifactorial, but it is frequently related to impingement of the rotator

Yoga Pose Primer: Balancing Effort and Ease with Bakasana

Much success and well-being in life depends upon finding balance—the “happy medium,” the “sweet spot” between extremes. For instance, consider balancing personal and career endeavors (“work/life balance”). Giving the right amount of time and attention to both areas of life

4 Things You Can Do To Make a Difference: A Message from Seane Corn, Doug Keller, Cyndi Lee, Roger Cole, and Other Leading Yoga Teachers

"There is no difference in souls, only in the ideas about ourselves that we wear.”