Crane Pose Anatomy: Target the Right Muscles for Strength and Stability

Crane Pose (Bakasana) is a challenging yoga arm balance that requires a lot of strength and focus. The pose is named after the crane, a bird known for its grace and balance. In Sanskrit, baka means crane and asana means

Yoga for Detoxification: How to Power Up Your Body's Natural Detox Processes

Yoga helps detox our bodies. Let's build heat in our practice today. Twist longer. Breathe deeper. Sweat harder. You’ve probably heard those phrases in a yoga class before. But are they true? Can yoga really help detox your body by

Less is More: Please Don’t Over-Stretch Your Joints in Yoga!

I regularly offer hip workshops at various teacher trainings in the region where I live. As the recipient of bilateral hip replacements, I’ve learned a lot about which poses and ways of approaching asanas promote healthy hip joints, and which

Can Yoga Help with Grief? Here are 5 Ways

At my book launch event, I took questions from the audience. One question that I received was a big one: how can yoga help with grief? After saying first that I had a whole chapter in my book addressing that

9 Steps to Achieving Flow in Your Work (and Life)

Have you ever lost yourself in your work, so much so that you lost track of time? While it can be rare for most people, being consumed by a task like that is a state of being called flow. In

Embodied Yoga: 3 Tips for Mindful Vinyasa Transitions

When much of the general public thinks of yoga, they think of “static” poses. In yoga communities, skilled instructors will guide students in honing subtle nuances of movement within poses. Yet modern asana practice, in contrast, often involves a lot

Ribit! The Many Benefits of Frog Pose: A Step-by-Step Guide for Adding It to Your Yoga Practice

Have you ever wanted to leap like a frog? Well, the yoga pose Mandukasana (Frog Pose) may not exactly prepare you for such lofty leaps, but there are plenty of other reasons to practice it. Included here is a complete

3 Yoga Poses for Stronger Knees: Build Strength to Minimize Pain

As the largest joint in the human body, our knees do a lot for us. We stand on our knees, walk with our knees, jump with our knees, and so much more. While the knee joint is incredibly adaptable, many

Improve Your Balance: Practice Yoga's Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) at the Wall

Balance postures like Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) cultivate awareness and require attentiveness. In addition, they establish a harmony between the upward and downward-flowing energies in your body. If you find it challenging to balance on one foot, try this

Yoga Well-being: How to Embody Creativity

"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought."  - Albert Einstein. Creativity is defined as an experience where something new and unique is formed. It might be an idea, a piece of art, a

3 Plantar Fascia Stretches: Freedom from Foot Pain

To stretch or not to stretch seems to be one of the biggest questions in physical medicine and rehab. For anyone who has ever experienced plantar heel pain and gone to a podiatrist most likely, they were told to “stretch

Let Love In: 6 Yoga Poses to Open Your Heart

It’s the season of love. Love is in the air and all around us. From heart-shaped chocolate boxes in the supermarkets to couple’s yoga classes, it’s undeniable that it’s the time of year when we’re asked to let love in.

Yoga and Brain Health: How Yoga May Help Curb Risk Factors for Dementia

Watching the slow decline of someone with dementia or Alzheimer's is heartbreaking. Unlike a sudden death, you lose the person gradually as their memories fade and their mind becomes confused. As if the loss wasn’t enough, caring for someone with