Yin Yoga: Mobilize Your Body/Mind

Ancient yogis and Taoists believe there is energy running through the body. In Sanskrit, it is called prana, in Japanese ki, in Chinese qi and in Tibetan lung. This energy is connected by pathways, or meridians, (nadis in Sanskrit), which we can think of

What is Polyvagal Theory?

The polyvagal theory is a theory proposed by Stephen Porges that describes how the mammalian autonomic nervous system evolved to keep us safe and alive. As mammals evolved from reptiles, our autonomic nervous system developed to automatically communicate with other

How to be a Yoga Master

Years ago, I attended a yoga teacher training with a well-known teacher. The teacher shared lots of helpful information about alignment and adjustments. Early in the workshop, we practiced asana staples, including standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists. In the

How to Calm the “Belly Brain”

How can Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana) calm a racing mind? Tias Little shares here his top trick for calming the “belly brain.” We live in a world where being busy can be associated with one’s worth. Day-to-day,

Meet your I-Maker and Feel Less Alone

In January, after several months of not taking a weekly yoga class, I started again, in a different space, with a different teacher. One of the great benefits of taking a break and changing routines is that everything looks fresh,

6 Tips to Prepare for Breath Work

If you want to learn to play Mozart on the piano, you need to learn the musical notes first. The same applies to your breath. Before you can begin experimenting with advanced breathing techniques, you have to become familiar with

How Sugar Consumption Promotes Thickened Fascia

With our national per-capita sugar consumption continuing its upward trend (another 10 percent increase over the past few years), we will look briefly at new studies on how sugar consumption promotes thickened fascia and affects other connective tissues. Before we

4 Bone-Building Yoga Poses

As we age, it’s normal to lose some bone mass. But losing an excessive amount can lead to fractures of the hip and spine, loss of height, rounding of the upper back and limited mobility. Unfortunately, bone loss comes without

Yoga May Help Diabetes Management

Despite yoga’s long history, the use of yoga as a therapeutic modality and adjuvant care in the health and medical field is wholly new. You may not have heard of the concept of yoga for diabetes or ever even thought

Air Element: Balance Your Prana

My last post on the five great elements explored fire. In this post, we’ll explore the air element and how it can help us enlighten up. What is air? It’s mostly gas. It’s Earth’s atmosphere. It’s all around us. Air is