Study: Yoga Next Doctor’s Rx for Stress Issues?

By now, it’s well recognized that yoga is effective at relieving stress and stress-related symptoms. But how does a regular yoga practice measure up against traditional medical treatment in a primary health care setting for health issues commonly linked to

Keeping the Conversation Going—Why the Debate on Yoga Injuries Matters

The YogaUOnline Yoga Injuries - Facts and Fiction telesummit took a look at some of the key issues in the yoga injuries debate. Here's a brief recap, and reflections just why it's so important to keep the conversation going. If you haven't

Time for a Spring Cleanse? Top 15 Foods for Liver Detoxification

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. It is one of the major organs of detoxification, filtering blood coming from the digestive tract and metabolizing and detoxifying toxic substances like alcohol, medications, and chemicals. The

5 Poses That Should Induce Labor (But Don't)...

Blogger Erica Rodefer vents about some of the yoga poses that she thought 'should' help induce her labor... but didn't! Can you relate to trying any of these poses while preparing for labor? Did any of them work for you?

Helen Keller: The World of Eternal Beauty

There is in the blind as in the seeing an Absolute which gives truth to what we know to be true, order to what is orderly, beauty to the beautiful, touchableness to what is tangible. . . . . While

Spring Poem: Such Singing in the Wild Branches

Get inspired with this lovely Spring-themed poem from Mary Oliver. Get outside, take a walk, ride your bike, do some yoga poses in the backyard—just spend time in nature and breathe in the fresh air! It was spring and finally