Helping Others Heal Themselves - Yoga Finds Its Way Into Pakistani Prison

A recent article in Reuters tells the story of Aisha Chapra, a yoga instructor and former social worker who volunteers her time teaching yoga to the inmates at a women’s prison in Karachi, Pakistan.  Inspired by the transformative role of

Essential Yoga Therapy—Integrating Western Neuroscience and Functional Anatomy with the Traditional Practices of Yoga and Ayurveda

Adapted from an article that first appeared in Yoga Therapy Today, a publication of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (  With the aging population, yoga teachers are often called on to work with people with a wide range of physical

Freeing the Spine—A Key to Lifelong Youthfulness

“The process of life may be seen as one in which we start out 99% water and end up virtually solid… In the course of aging, most of us find ourselves increasingly sedentary and confined, moving less and less. We

Take Steps to Prevent Memory Loss Early - Try Vitamin B, Yoga

A recent British study has found that brain functions, including memory, can begin declining as early as the mid-forties and possibly earlier. This decline includes memory, reasoning and comprehension abilities. These are the results of a 10-year study following more

Common Nutritional Deficiency Can Double Your chances of developing Alzheimer's

Nearly 40 percent of all Americans are deficient in vitamin B12 and this deficiency could be doubling their chances of developing Alzheimer’s as well putting them at risk for a host of other health issues. Many Meat eaters may assume