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Save Your Hips! Asana Evolution for Hip Preservation

Yoga and Sacroiliac Joint Pain

With Ginger Garner

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What our customers are saying

“I feel like I am teaching students something rather than facilitating an exercise session. This training has give me confidence that what I am saying is backed by research and by professionals with years of experience.”

C. Meadors
“I am blown away by the quality of the courses offered by YogaUOnline.”
S. Beuhler
“Your course changed the way I practice yoga and will forever change the way I teach yoga too. The knowledge base I have now to understand proper alignment for bone health and how to start titrating the information I got here are invaluable for my progress as a yoga practitioner and teacher”
E. Marinotti

I want to thank you so much for the recent course on changing how we teach. I was in tears relating to the struggle of my own Yoga biz. Yoga needs to change and I want in so badly! I feel I need the guidance to be in the forefront of really helping people with Yoga.

T. Candish

YogaUOnline is fantastic. The teachers are highly qualified and the material is current and cutting edge. I was able to double my teaching schedule and vastly increase my income as a result of what I learned.”

A. Martinez

“The pose library is my favourite tool. I pick out my poses for the day and move on from that. Also, check out the online courses.”

P. Hamilton
“This teacher training by far exceeded my expectations: the depth of the anatomy training; the knowledge and wisdom each teacher brought into this training, each with their own niche of expertise; the impressive background each teacher had; the focus on details; magically we all felt like a community-our sangha-who learned with and from each other, never like an "online" training but rather so very real and close!”
C. Stiles

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Choose Among 100s of Online Courses

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