A Mind/Body Guide to Yoga Back Care Beyond 50

Back Health

Do you struggle with recurring back pain in spite of your best efforts?

Research shows that 80% of people with back pain get relief from yoga. However, practicing yoga without a back care perspective can actually lead to injury. And with so many different approaches to yoga, it’s difficult to know which approach would best help you find relief and sustain your back health.

Imagine having the tools necessary to help you understand what your body needs so you can confidently relieve and manage your back pain whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner beyond the age of 50.

If you ever wonder whether the sensations you feel while stretching are beneficial or harmful, this course will help you learn to identify the difference, progressively build your skills, and discover the yoga moves that are most helpful to you.

The wisdom of yoga holds the promise of peace, flexibility, and equanimity of body, heart, and mind as we move through time. In this course we will explore the principles involved in the relief of back pain: observation, sensation, alignment, and movement—building your asana practice with techniques that establish mental and emotional clarity.

Lillah Schwartz has been teaching yoga for over 35 years and specializing in yoga for back pain, I have been able to identify the information most people are missing when it comes to addressing a balanced yoga practice for back health.

“In a yoga practice, observing and sensing are so critical for developing awareness and discernment so you can respond wisely to the needs of your body. The alignment principles are also necessary as they provide a framework for understanding the sensations of the body as part of self-study and help us gain mental clarity for informed action.” Lillah Schwartz, Instructor

During these six 35-minute classes you will awaken your mind/body intelligence by making an inward journey from the outer periphery of your being to the core. Each class begins with breath awareness and a specific focus for meditation. In the six classes, the poses are modified and presented progressively with the aid of props to stretch and tone the specific postural muscles needed for the relief of back pain.

The information presented includes:

  • A research-informed movement approach to treat chronic low back pain
  • Techniques to build somatic awareness to help you identify and understand the sensations in your body and their messages
  • Energy meditations for mental centering and emotional clearing
  • The foundational principles of alignment to safely engage in movements that create awareness, stability, and improve joint function
  • Insight into functional anatomy so you can move with ease and confidence
  • Individual progressive sequences provide a well-rounded set of back care tools

Class topics skills you will acquire and build during this course:

You will receive a PDF document with important information and guidance to help you understand and use this course.

Class 1. Building Awareness: Form and Function

Class 2. Finding Vertical: Posture and the Psoas

Class 3. Pelvic Harmony: Unwinding Sciatica

Class 4. Restore Your Fluid Spine: Facia and Movement.

Class 5. Cultivate a Balanced Core: 360°

Class 6. Making Friends with Gravity: Strength and Balance

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Known as ‘”the queen of alignment,” Lillah shares the wisdom of 30+ years studying with yoga experts like BKS Iyengar, Aadil Palkhivala, Eric Small, and Matthew Sanford with students to guide them toward back pain relief.

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