Intelligent Propping in Yoga Practice: Maximize Your Benefits & Your Experience

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Join us for this 6-session yoga practice series course with Ellen Huang Saltarelli. In this course, you’ll learn how to use props creatively and intelligently to energize and enlighten your asana practice. These practices are precise, thoughtful, and often challenging.

Practice #1: Using an array of props to emphasize various aspects of the pose, this class breaks down the foundational pose, High Lunge. Once we gain understanding and awareness of its different parts, we piece them back together for an integrated and informative High Lunge, as well as connect it to other poses that benefit from this work. This technical class will leave your hips, spine, and shoulders feeling strong and alive!

Practice #2: This is an entire practice dedicated to experiencing both the pacifying and engaging aspects of Forward Folds, moving through a repertoire of seated, standing, and even upside down forward folds. The class will help calm the mind, soothe the nervous system, and awaken the body.

Practice #3: This class will teach you how to balance your shoulders using a combination of mindful strengthening exercises and shoulder stretching poses.

Practice #4: This core conditioning class focuses on strengthening and awakening the abdominal core, while releasing the head and neck. If you wind up with a sore neck after core exercises, this one’s for you!

Practice #5: This class uses classic and not so classic yoga poses to strengthen the hips in all its directions of movement. By emphasizing the strengthening aspects of what can otherwise be another passive yoga stretch, we are more able to prevent common yoga injuries. It will leave your hips (and body) feeling balanced.

Practice #6: This class gives you an opportunity to move through a sequence of poses in a slow, restful manner, with plenty of support. The practice focuses on slowing down, breathing, and being present so your body feels both nurtured and open. Great after a busy day whether you were sedentary or active.

In 2007, Ellen received her 200-hour Teacher Training from acclaimed Alison West of Yoga Union in NYC, focusing on anatomy, structural alignment and yoga for scoliosis. She later received her 300-hour certification.

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