Bobbie Ellis

"The highest motive in life is to be like water. It fights nothing or no one. It flows from and back to its source. And in flowing, it soothes and wears away all resistance." ~ Taoist Proverb

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For 35 years Bobbie Ellis has been deeply committed to exploring the territory of inquiry using the wisdom of the body through yoga, continuum, expressive movement therapy, creative process, writing and poetry. She had a 30+ year career in massage therapy and continues to draw on that wisdom. Bobbie is the director of Soma Center, Resources for Embodied Living for 21 years and is a ceremonial officiant with Meaningful Ceremonies since 1993, both located in Highland Park, NJ. She studied yoga from 1983-2012 with Donna Farhi, Angela Farmer, and Eric Schiffman. She explored endlessly with Emilie Conrad, Continuum’s founder from 1999-2014, and continues with Susan Harper, (the other founding teacher of Continuum) of Continuum Montage. Bobbie has created an embodied meditation CD with musician and husband John Bianculli titled Embodied Meditation for Women Volume 1. For info: please visit: and

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