Earth to Sky: Embodying the Elements in Yoga

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Everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space, according to Ayurveda and yoga philosophy. The five elements are viewed not just as external forces, but vital forces of life interweaving with our physical, mental, and emotional being.

Knowledge of the five elements, or tattwas, as they pertain to our yoga practice can enable us to develop deeper insights into the subtle laws of nature that govern our mental-emotional health, and to use yoga to attain greater wisdom and a deeper intuition of how the universe operates.

In this course, renowned yoga teacher Tias Little begins a journey through the subtle anatomy of the body, mapping the five elements from the ancient yogic and Ayurvedic teachings onto the anatomical body. Each of the five elements represents a state of matter, and as such constitutes ‘forces’ rather than ‘things’. Earth, for example, pertains to everything in nature that is solid, while fire is the principle or force of Nature that transforms one state of matter into another. As such it is viewed as means to purify and empower the other states of matter.

Knowledge of the elements is the basis not just of Ayurveda, but also traditional traditional Chinese Medicine. Consciously working with the elements is viewed as a way to attain and maintain health and also how to enjoy a long and fulfilling life.

Learn about your body and experience it in ways you have never thought about it before. Each of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space have correlations to the pelvis, sacrum, abdomen, lungs and cranium respectively, and this has profound implications for our understanding of health and healing.

Tias will show how all yoga practices work on the five elements, whether we know it or not. The course highlights both the psycho-spiritual aspects of each element and the unique place that each element holds in the body. Tias will describe both the muscular-skeletal connection to each element and the organ/glandular connection. Through guided meditation and practice, he will lead a sequence to activate (or pacify) the structures involved with each element.

The focus of this course will particularly be on the Earth and Water elements, pertaining to our foundation and sense of ‘grounding’ in life. Tias will explore the anatomy of the body relating to the Earth element and how it is expressed in structures like the foundation of the spine at the pelvis and pelvic floor (Earth). He will show how particular asana support the health and balance of this element by creating greater opening in the pelvis and lateral hip rotators. In exploring the Water element, he will demonstrate its expression in the sacrum and SI ligaments as well as the reproductive organs.

What You Will Learn

  • How to apply the knowledge of the elements in your personal yoga practice
  • Specific ways to create greater flexibility in the lateral hip rotators and elasticity and support around the pelvic floor to invite greater grounding and attunement
  • How to explore the fluidity and equilibrium of the sacrum and sacroiliac joints
  • How to access the lower psoas and abdomen and gain support from uddiyana bandha.

This Course Also Includes:

  • Yoga Practice Video: Enjoy a yoga practice video that Tias created specifically for this course.
  • Recordings of Both Sessions: Yours to keep. It’s generally acknowledged that many people only retain 10-20 percent of what they learn in a workshop. You will get the recordings of both sessions (both MP3 – downloadable and MP4 – streaming online), enabling you to go back and listen to the workshop as many times as you like.
  • Transcripts of Both Sessions: Ever wanted to refer to a certain part of a course? Even the best note takers miss a point every so often. With the transcripts of the sessions, you can go back and refer to particularly important passages or clarify sections you were in doubt about.

This course qualifies for 2.5 CEs with Yoga Alliance.

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Tias Little synthesizes years of study in classical yoga, Sanskrit, Buddhist studies, anatomy, massage, and trauma healing. Tias began studying the work of B.K.S Iyengar in 1984 and studying with Pattabhi Jois in 1989.

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