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In this insightful interview, yoga therapist Olga Kabel shares her expertise on how yoga can be a powerful tool for balancing your energy and cultivating greater vitality. Drawing on over 20 years of experience as a yoga teacher and therapist, Olga explains the fascinating interplay between our energy levels, nervous system, physiology, and perception. 

One of the key insights Olga shares is that our experience of energy is not just about whether it’s high or low but also the quality of that energy – whether it feels pleasant or unpleasant. This sense of our internal state, which she refers to as interoception, is something we experience constantly, even if much of it happens beneath our conscious awareness. 

Olga introduces the concept of the three pillars of energetic balance: interoception, sleep, and stress management. She emphasizes how interconnected these factors are and how they are continuously influencing how we feel from moment to moment. When we’re having an off day, it’s often the result of an imbalance in one or more of these areas that sends us into a downward spiral.

The good news is that yoga offers us specific tools and strategies to interrupt those patterns and consciously shift our energy in a more positive direction. Olga explains yoga’s perspective that imbalances in our energy can show up as either excess or depletion. Yoga practices are designed to either build us up when we’re feeling low or to help us release and unwind when we’re feeling overly agitated. 

Simple tools like using hand gestures to express our inner state can cultivate interoceptive awareness, an important skill for catching ourselves in the moment and redirecting our energy. Olga shares how she guides students to tune into their own experience, without judgment, at the beginning and end of practice. This allows them to notice how their energy shifts, often from feeling jagged and frantic to more smooth and easeful.

In her upcoming course, Olga will take a deeper dive into the science behind the three pillars of energy regulation and our nervous system. She’ll share accessible yogic techniques for shifting our energetic state, both on and off the mat. This will include two practice videos that demonstrate the principles of building energy when depleted and releasing excess energy to promote relaxation. 

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Educated as a school teacher, Olga Kabel, C-IAYT, has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and practicing yoga therapy for the past 12 years. Olga is a founder of Sequence Wiz—a membership-based electronic health records system (EHR) for yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

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