Free Download! Pathways to Transformation – How Yoga Can Help Release Samskaric Patterns


Ever been stuck repeating the same pattern over and over again?  It could be in your work-life balance – working too hard and too long although you know you shouldn’t. It could be a relationship pattern where you keep getting triggered, even though you try not to.

Or, it could be in your relationship to yourself where you keep interpreting things in a way that reinforces a subconscious lack of confidence that holds you back from expressing who you truly are.

In yogic philosophy, these patterns are known as Samskaras. Samskaras are mental imprints, or patterns, that we carry with us across our life, and even across lifetimes.

Samskaras show up in our life as tendencies or innate dispositions that color the lens through which we see the world.

In this free download, yoga therapist Jeff Masters discusses the power of Samskaras and the impact they have on our lives.

“The imprints of Samskaras become like a smudged handprint on a window,” explains Jeff Masters. “Through this flawed view, we begin to experience life within us and around us. We then adjust our life experiences to match this flawed vision, further reinforcing and perpetuating these patterns, making them all the more powerful.”

Samskaras are so hard to change, Jeff explains, because they literally are etched into our body and mind. He relates how throughout life, when we think something very powerfully it resonates and reflects into our physiology. This can trigger a long-held belief or an acute response.

The trigger can range from something as innocuous as a sudden jarring noise that alarms us to a serious traumatic event. Either experience can activate a hormonal fear response that echoes throughout our entire spectrum of mental, emotional, causal, or conscious experience.

When the response is triggered, that imprint becomes deeper, more powerful and pronounced in the nervous, endocrine, and fascial systems. It actually becomes woven into the body, Jeff notes. This deepens the imprint and renders it more powerful. And the cycle goes on.

So how can yoga help us to transform these imprints and change our behavior?

Just as negative experiences get imprinted in our body and mind, so do positive experiences, Jeff notes. “A powerful experience literally ripples out into our tissues in a subtle or shallow way that can be very deep. In fields such as yoga or somatic work our experiences don’t just live in the neurocognitive space. They too become imprinted in the tissues of the body,” Jeff relates.

Jeff also talks about patterns that are passed on epigenetically through generations. In yogic terms, these are referred to as vasanas.

“In cellular terms, you have to ask yourself: What cellular data am I sharing with my great, great, great, great, grandmother or grandfather and how is it presenting in my life today? And how does the practice of yoga allow me to become aware of, unwind and possibly even heal these physical tissue vasanas?” Understanding the nature of Samskaras and how to release them gives a new perspective on the power of yoga to help us work on a deeper level to slowly transform and release long-standing limiting patterns and beliefs, Jeff notes.

You may also be interested in Jeff’s course, Cracking the Samskara Code – A Yogic Blueprint for Resetting the Issues in Our Tissues.

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Long before teaching, Jeff was a devoted student and apprentice, studying & practicing the ancient wisdom teachings of the East. These deep roots contribute to his unprecedented ability to relate the original purpose of Yoga.

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