Intelligent Sequencing of Yoga Postures: Skill in Action


“Annie has done such a beautiful job of articulating and organizing a thoughtful approach to sequencing a yoga class or your personal yoga practice. I have done many of these steps in my teaching and own yoga practice “intuitively”. And yet it is refreshing and inspiring to see it as a whole and to consider each of the pieces. Thank you. And what really charges me as a teacher and as a yogi, is combining this kind of physical plan for the class with a complementary theme or to use Annie’s term, “drive.” ~ Jennifer Nadeau, Maine

Annie’s Intelligent Sequencing series has really encouraged me to map out my yoga classes with postures working up to a lead pose. Weaving in other teachings like the Koshas or Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga has given me a deeper experience. Her handouts for each class have helped clearly guide my teaching and home practice to explore more areas of yoga and to experience them on a deeper level. I encourage everyone to get this Audio Archive series, you will be very happy that you did!!! Thank you Annie! ~ Sandie Collins, Windsor

In this 2-part audio download, Annie Carpenter, considered Queen of sequencing at YogaWorks teacher training, deconstructs and demystifies sequencing a yoga asana practice. Creating a satisfying and safe sequence of yoga poses for our students or for our home practice is both art and science. Having the tools to create sequences makes our classes fun, deep, interesting and an ongoing source of inspiration for students and teachers. The Bhagavad-Gita reminds us that “Yoga is skill in action”- not only in practicing our poses, but in the way we put them together, and how we weave the other limbs of yoga into our practice and teaching.

Annie offers one of her signature sequences and then deconstructs it so it becomes a blueprint for smart sequencing. We look at how sequencing of yoga poses can be driven by themes or ”peak” poses and also how this can focus and inform your instructions. In the second class, more emphasis is placed on including the yogic philosophy of the Koshas (the five sheaths) and how to weave philosophical and spiritual themes into the sequence with ease and grace – not pretense.

Yoga teachers who want to learn more ways to help their students move  forward successfully and skillfully will benefit from this yoga download as will yoga students who are looking for ways to deepen their practice or create a home practice.

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