Livestream Course with Melina Meza – Fall in Love with Your Yoga Practice (Again!)

Rediscover your love for yoga and deepen your practice!

Whether you are a yoga teacher or yoga practitioner, you will enjoy this 7-session practice series with Melina Meza’s signature innovative approaches to practicing common yoga poses.

Learn how to go beyond standard approaches to making yoga accessible to all students and discover exciting new ways to use props to enhance your practice and break out of your practice rut and reinvigorate your love for yoga.

New ways of using props can not only add novelty to our practice but also increase accessibility, making it easier to get into poses we might have struggled with in the past.

This series encourages participants to approach their practice with a sense of curiosity and playfulness, to explore new ways of moving, and to discover the benefits of using props to enhance their yoga experience.

By the end of the series, you will have a more diverse and fulfilling yoga practice with a renewed passion for your practice.

Session 1 – Supine Warm Ups, Sun Salutations, and Standing Pose Variations with Blocks
Melina’s yoga class will start with a series of foundational warm-up movements in a supine position, followed by creative and innovative variations of sun salutations and standing poses. The use of blocks will allow participants to support their bodies and increase their range of motion while building strength, balance, and flexibility.


Session 2 – Warm Ups, Balance Poses, and Seated Asanas with Blocks
We’ll explore starting class in a seated position and using blocks for bettering posture and opening the shoulder girdle, and stretching the chest. After our floor warm-ups, we’ll prepare the legs for various standing balance poses to build strength and energy, diving into our seated pose sequence.

Session 3 – Yoga Strap – Meet your new favorite personal assistant!
You’ll be amazed by all the ways a yoga strap can give you support and assistance throughout a yoga class. Be prepared to fall more in love with the support you’ll feel in supine poses, the connection to your core when seated and standing, and grounded in your legs as you journey through standing poses.

Session 4 – Beloved Bolster Practice
In session four of Melina’s yoga series, participants will explore the many benefits of using a bolster prop. The class will focus on increasing flexibility, building strength, improving posture, and developing confidence in poses, all with the support of the bolster. Participants will be guided through various poses and movements that utilize the bolster, allowing them to deepen their practice and experience the transformative power of props in yoga.

Session 5 – Yoga with a Chair
In session 5 of Melina’s yoga series, participants will use a chair prop for support and exploration of new poses. The class will begin with warm-up movements focused on joint mobilization while seated in the chair. The class will then progress to a variety of standing, balance, and seated poses, all with the support and stability of the chair. Participants will be surprised by what they can achieve with the chair’s steady support and will leave the class feeling accomplished and invigorated.

Session 6 – Resistance Band
In session 6 of Melina’s yoga series, participants will use a resistance band to enhance their practice and discover new ways to build strength. The class will begin with incorporating the band into warm-up movements and progress to a full yoga practice, including standing and balance poses and seated postures. The resistance band will provide a unique challenge to the practice, allowing participants to deepen their practice and explore new variations of familiar poses.

Week 7 – Putting it All Together
In the last session of Melina’s yoga series, participants will experience the grand finale with a sequence that incorporates all the props used in the previous six classes. This final class will bring together the use of blocks, bolster, strap, resistance band, and chair to deepen the yoga practice and provide a holistic experience. Participants will leave the class feeling accomplished and empowered, with a renewed appreciation for the versatility and benefits of props in yoga.

This course qualifies for 8 CEs with Yoga Alliance.

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Melina Meza has been sharing her knowledge of Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, and whole foods nutrition with yogis around the world for over 20 years. Melina pioneered Seasonal Vinyasa, a multi-disciplined approach to well-being.

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