The Way of the Gentle Warrior: Standing Poses for Strength and Endurance Building


Mondays, March 20 – April 24, 2023
4:30 pm Eastern / 1:30 pm Pacific

Can we maintain the effortless sense of ease and focus that is the hallmark of a good yoga practice, even when we introduce more demanding, strength-building work into our yoga practice?

It is well known that strength-building is one of the most effective ways to slow age-related degeneration of the body. Our muscle mass decreases by about 3 to 8 percent per decade after 30, and that decline accelerates dramatically after 60. 

Strong muscles are essential for building strong bones, for keeping healthy joint alignment and retaining freedom of movement and independent living as we get older.

Unfortunately, introducing a good strength-building exercise routine is not easy. For many people, it leads to injuries or increased wear and tear. And, let’s face it, pumping iron at the gym gets old really fast (no pun intended!).

Learn how yoga can help us build strength in a balanced and easeful way. 

Join us for a new Livestream Series in the Gudmestad Yoga tradition with Hope Fyfield on The Way of the Gentle Warrior – Yoga for Strength and Endurance Building 

In this series, we will focus on how standing yoga poses can help us not only build leg, hip, and core strength, but also train muscles to support healthy joint alignment and prevent joint issues.

Also learn how to introduce strength-building in your practice, while also retaining the essentials of sthiram sukham – the balance of effort and ease – that Patanjali described in his Yoga Sutras.

A hallmark of the Gudmestad Yoga approach is to enable you to experience steady progress by starting where you are and progressively building greater strength and endurance, while also staying safe and injury-free.

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Mondays, March 20 – April 24, 2023
4:30 pm Eastern / 1:30 pm Pacific


Julie Gudmestad, PT, C-IAYT  Julie Gudmestad has been active in Portland, Oregon, as a yoga teacher and licensed physical therapist for over 40 years. / Hope Fyfield, PT, E-RYT 500 – Hope took her first yoga class ever from Julie Gudmestad in 1979, and was immediately inspired and intrigued.

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