Yoga Anatomy Bundle with Judith Hanson Lasater


As a special offer, we have bundled a series of previously recorded talks by Judith, with each one focusing on yoga anatomy as it applies to specific parts of the body. The bundle includes almost eight hours of lectures with Judith on yoga anatomy and the kinesiology of asana.

included in this course:

The Cervical Spine: Anatomy, Asana and Therapeutics:

In this yoga download, Judith discusses various issues including the anatomy of the cervical spine, the basic movement principles of the neck which allow and limit our asana practice, a few common problems with the cervical spine, and how to practice headstand and shoulder stand to enhance health and avoid injury.

The Shoulder Joint: Anatomy, Asana and Therapeutics:

In this two-part talk, Judith reviews the shoulder anatomy, discusses the glenohumeral rhythm, and other kinesiological facts regarding the movement of this complex joint. In addition to reviewing the anatomy and movement principles of the shoulder joint and the surrounding joints that function with it, Judith guides you through movements related to shoulder issues.

The Lumbar Spine: Anatomy, Asana and Therapeutics:

In this two-part yoga talk, Judith discusses the anatomical structure of the lumbar spine, how the lumbar spine moves, what the lumbar spine doesn’t do well and why other kinesiological principles of movement of this critical area. Judith also covers the most important therapeutic yoga principles to apply to the lumbar spine during the practice and teaching of asana,

Sacroiliac Joint and Asana Practice:

Many yoga students suffer from sacroiliac pain because they practice in a way that creates too much mobility in this area. To avoid and cure sacroiliac pain, learn how to keep this joint a joint of stability by using therapeutic yoga. In this audio yoga download, Judith Hanson Lasater discusses the mechanics of movement in the SI joint, major muscle attachment, and asana modifications for those with SI joint problems. She also goes deeply into how to practice forward bends and twists, both standing and supine, without aggravating the SI joint.

The Knee Joint: Anatomy, Asana and Therapeutics:

In this class, Judith reviews the anatomy of the knee joint and continues with the discussion of the basement movement principles and therapeutic solutions that students and teachers alike can use to improve their asanas, practice in safety and alleviate pain. Learn how to move the knee freely and eliminate unnecessary strain on this crucial joint with yoga therapy.

Also included with this course:

Feminine Body, Feminine Practice: In this important talk, Judith discusses how the feminine body differs from the male physiology and the key implications it has for our practice and for the teaching of yoga.

Deepening Your Home Practice In this recording, Judith gives advice and inspiration for getting to the mat and getting the most out of your practice once you get there.

Note: This course is audio only with PDF illustrations of the anatomy parts Judith discusses.


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The practice of yoga is fundamentally an act of kindness toward oneself. This idea is often forgotten, but not by Judith, whose approach is warm, non-judgmental and responsive to individual differences and needs.

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