Yoga for a Better You: An 8-Day Beginning Yoga Series with Claudine Beeson


Re-enliven your yoga practice with our Yoga Mandala Series – featuring unique classes designed to awaken and invigorate the entire body. This 8-day series will leave you feeling more radiant, grounded, and alive! Claudine’s down-to-earth approach to teaching yoga creates an atmosphere of ease, inviting you deeper into yourself and your personal strength.

Claudine will guide you through foundational yoga poses and sequences, gradually working through each family of yoga poses. You’ll leave the course feeling whole and integrated as each part of the body will receive the gifts of yoga’s powerful effects.

We recommend choosing a practice time each day to carve out for yourself. Try to be consistent whether you are practicing in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening. This way you are beginning to form a habit of your daily yoga practice.

The Classes

  • Re-energize and Recharge: Yoga Standing Poses
    Develop greater strength and grounding in the lower body with this beginner yoga class focusing on Standing Yoga Poses. Standing yoga poses promote strength in the entire lower body, while developing a greater sense of balance and mental focus.
  • Upper Back and Shoulder Mobility
    When stress levels are elevated, it’s all too easy to find yourself tense and tight in the neck and shoulders. This simple practice profoundly opens the shoulders, chest, neck, and upper back, soothing tension in this part of the body.
  • Energize Your Spine: Exploring Backbends
    Learn the foundations of back bending yoga poses in this easy to follow guide. Move with awareness and confidence into these basic yoga backbends, developing energy, strength, and opening in the spine and ches
  • Unwind Your Spine + Clear Your Mind: Gentle Twists
    Unwind in this gentle beginner yoga class focused on yoga poses that rotate and release the spine. Claudine will guide you through breath and mindfulness as you move deeper into the yoga twists, leaving you feeling refreshed and rested.
  • Strength and Stability Fundamentals: Strength-Building Yoga Balancing Poses
    Develop strength and control in the core muscles of the body in this beginning yoga class focusing on balancing poses. You will also gain greater balance and strength in the muscles responsible for stabilizing the shoulders and hips, leading to an overall sense of balance and stability.
  • Slow Down and Stretch: Safely Stretching the Hamstrings
    Learn safe and effective ways to stretch your hamstring muscles in this beginner yoga class with Claudine Beeson. One of the many benefits of stretching your hamstrings is reduced back pain.
  • Fold Into Bliss: Forward Folds to Calm the Mind
    Learn the mechanics of forward folding yoga poses in this gentle and relaxing beginner class. Claudine will guide you through a series of beginner yoga forward folds, which will lengthen the backs of the legs; stretch the spine, hips, and inner thighs; and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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I wanted to expand on my thank you. Yoga U Online has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I moved from a yoga mecca to a yoga desert. Instead of having my choice of teachers and styles and special workshops, I now have to travel an hour to take a class. The excellent teachers and interesting topics at Yoga U Online have kept me moving ahead in my practice. I am grateful for all the wonderful yoga you bring to me. Thank you.