Yoga For Beginners: Morning Yoga Practices to Jumpstart Your Day with Natasha Rizopoulos, Claudine Beeson, Julie Gudmestad, and Jasmine Punzalan

Introduction to Backbends for Beginners with Julie Gudmestad
This practice is designed for the beginner and older beginner yoga student who is new to backbending. Julie has expertly crafted this practice to first warm up the shoulders and core muscles, preparing your body for the deeper stretching that will take place later in the class.

Everyday Gentle Flow with Claudine Beeson
Ease into your day or wind down from a busy one with gentle stretches that will help to open the shoulders, lower back and hips. This is a great everyday ‘go to’ class that will help to open, strengthen and balance your body.

Beginner Vinyasa: Twists and Backbends for a Healthy Spine with Jasmine Punzalan
An alignment based beginner level flow introducing simple twists and backbends to improve spinal health. This class will teach important alignment concepts for protecting the lower back while opening and strengthening the spine.

Cultivating Strength: The Lower Body with Natasha Rizopoulos
Ground into the body in this practice focusing on poses that strengthen the lower body. Most classes devote a great deal of time and energy to gaining more flexibility in the lower body, but not as much time to strengthening it. In this practice we’ll address this imbalance with a sequence designed to cultivate intelligent alignment and tone to the legs, buttocks, and hips.

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