December, 2020 Monthly Practice Series – YWE Course Bonus

Yoga for Stress Reduction: Slow Down and Appreciate the Moment

Healing the Organic Body: Generating Vitality and Energy

In this practice the entire body will be nourished with the help of passive stretches designed to bring more blood flow to the organs. Unlike most yoga classes, whose aim is to simply stretch the muscles and connective tissue, this course focuses on specific techniques to help optimize the flow of prana (blood and lymph) through the internal organs – aiding in better functioning.

Yoga for Depression: Gentle Inversions for a Greater Sense of Wellbeing

This practice is perfect for anyone seeking relief from fatigue, apathy, and low motivation. We have a whole pharmacopeia of feel-good chemicals in our brain waiting to be released. Yoga poses can elicit these wonderful feelings to bring back the clarity and joy of being in a relaxed body with a mind in harmony with itself.

Finding Comfort

We need support. If we are going to relax, support is a key element: when we feel supported, we let go. In this class, Judith and Lizzie guide you through two key supported poses (child’s pose and a twist) that will allow you to relax deeply and surrender into support. They also explain why restorative yoga uses so many props, how props can change our relationship with the floor and our own experience.

Complete Yoga Nidra Practice: Nourishing Resiliency and Wellbeing

This guided meditation combines teachings of intention, inner resource, BodySensing, and BreathSensing into a complete practice of yoga nidra. Richard’s cues will help you to welcome thoughts and emotions as they are and to engage in a friendly way with all sensations that arise. Learn to welcome all that you are: body, senses, mind, and emotions. 

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