Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! August 2017: Fun with Yoga Props with Julie Gudmestad, Claudine Beeson, Natasha Rizopoulos & Puy Navarro

Dump the Slump – Improve Your Posture with Helpful Props with Julie Gudmestad

The amount of time we spend sitting in chairs closes up our front body: our hips flex at a right angle; our arms stay low, which tightens our shoulders; our diaphragm is compressed; our chest dropped; and our mid-back flexed. In this video, Julie guides you through a practice to open up the front body and stretch out all those tight areas. 

Slip on a Strap – Deepen, Soften and Relax with Stretching Support with Claudine Beeson

Grab a yoga strap because this practice with Claudine is all about releasing into the support of your strap. In this well-rounded practice, you will experience how working with a strap can help deepen your stretch safely and enable you to release deeper into yoga poses. A strap with double rings is recommended.

Chair Love Affair – Your Favorite New Assistant with Natasha Rizopoulos

Working with a chair can transform your practice and allow you to experience deep opening in otherwise stubborn areas of the body.  In this revolutionary practice with Natasha Rizopoulos, we’ll look at Standing Pose, Backbends and Inversions. Your hip flexors and upper back will never be the same!

Adaptive Yoga for Every Body with Puy Navarro

This is a well-rounded class designed for everyone, a “come as you are party.” If you cannot go to the floor because of an injury, age, or because you are overweight, or you don’t have time to leave your office, you can always do chair yoga. 

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