Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! January: Yoga for Wrists, Knees, and Shoulders with Melina Meza

Hands Free Class—For Wrist and Shoulder Injuries

Suffering from a wrist or shoulder injury and still want to maintain your regular asana practice? Step into this unique class which keeps hands and shoulders from weight-bearing, while still providing a well-balanced practice. Melina’s precise alignment instruction and creative sequencing will show you how to weave together a variety of postures, so that you might celebrate all that you can do when working with an upper body injury.

Easy on the Knees: Movements for Strength and Mobility

This well-rounded class focuses primarily on building awareness and tone of the knees, inner legs, and hips, while minimizing yoga postures that involve deep knee flexion. Melina’s creative use of props and the wall to demonstrate modifications of common postures will better serve the health of your knees.

Back Care

This practice with Melina Meza is perfect for yogis with back injuries who want to continue using asanas as part of their daily movement practice, or for those simply looking to give their back a little extra TLC. Melina has carefully selected a wide range of postures and transitions to minimize the risk of injury for those in the process of healing, and supplements them with fun modifications for practitioners at all levels. 

Shoulder and Neck Care: Practice for Strength and Mobility

If you often sit in front of a computer, stare down at your phone, or slouch at the wheel in the driver’s seat, this class is for you. Join Melina in a practice designed to help open the front of your body, correcting postural imbalances and providing relief for a tight, achy neck and shoulders. You’ll also start building strength in your shoulder girdle and gaining an increased range of motion, which will help you maintain better postural health and alignment in your daily activities.

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