Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! July: Calm & Gentle – Yoga for When You Don’t Feel Like It with Douglass Stewart, Judith Hanson Lasater, Gabriel Halpern and Rhoda Miriam

Graceful Entry with Douglass Stewart

This practice is for those just beginning yoga, who have not been active physically and who are interested in the starting a gentle yoga routine. It is designed to bring attention to the relationship between the core of the body and the limbs, and build the relationship between the body and mind by the use of the breath.

Finding Stillness with Judith Hanson Lasater

Yoga is not just a practice, it is a state of being–a state in which the agitation of the mind is resolved. This practice has been designed to bring you into a state of greater stillness and presence, and to develop freedom from your thoughts: the ability to notice your thoughts without feeling agitation.

Extended Breathing Practice for Calm and Restoration with Gabriel Halpern

In this series of restorative postures, Gabriel will guide you in preparing body and mind for in-depth and subtle work. Explore breathing basics in both supine and seated positions, as well as digitally controlled exercises for the more experienced student. You’ll have a direct experience of how to increase both energy and tranquility with these techniques.

Slow Yoga: Gentle Practice for Lengthening the Spine with Rhoda Miriam

In this gentle supine yoga practice,  focus on lengthening the spine, creating more range of motion in the hips and practicing a simple, very gentle backbend. Rhoda concludes this class with a soothing breathing practice to help balance energy in the body and mind.

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