Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! March 2018: Establishing a Solid Foundation: Yoga Teachers’ Guide to Safe Hip Opening with Julie Gudmestad, Natasha Rizopoulos, Carrie Owerko & Karen Fuhrman

Melt Away Tension with Wide-Leg Seated Forward Bends with Julie Gudmestad

Forward bends allow for deep release: they peel off layers of physical and muscular tension, leaving us feeling calm and renewed. While these poses also stretch out tight hips and hamstrings, the main emphasis of this practice is on letting go. In this video, Julie offers preparatory options that make the benefits of these poses more accessible.

Secrets to Deep Hip Opening and Core Stability with Natasha Rizopoulos

Working with the wall will take your hips and core integration to the next level. In this rigorous series of standing poses with Natasha you’ll find a combination of strength and flexibility in your hips that will astonish you. You’ll feel the effects throughout your practice, but especially in arm balances and inversions. Prepare to be shocked!

Release Your Hips, Neck and Back with Traction Action and Relaxation​ with Carrie Owerko

This relaxing supine sequence will primarly focus on creating space in the hips, legs and lower back, but also addresses tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders. It can be soothing and calming for the nervous system at the end of a long stressful day–or anytime!

Hip Opening Sequence for Bird of Paradise with Karen Fuhrman

Follow this hip-opening and shoulder-opening sequence to prepare for its grand finale: Bird of Paradise pose. One of yoga’s most beautiful poses, this graceful posture balances strength and flexibility and promotes a soft, steady mind. It also cultivates the stabilizer muscles of the standing leg and opens the hips and shoulders.

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